Posted by: GeekHiker | February 23, 2007

Off To The City by the Bay!

Today I’m flying up to San Francisco to see the Best Friend (BestFriend) and the Best Friend’s Boyfriend (The BestFriendsBoyfriend, or BFBF; woo hoo acronym’s are fun!).  Of course, at this point, they’ve been together for over a decade, so it seems that there must be a better term out there than boyfriend to describe him/their relationship.  Significant Other (BFSO)?  Long Term Relation (BFLTR)?  Long Term Live In Significant Other-Slash-Lover (BFLTLISOSL)?  Oh, I could just sooo run this joke into the ground, couldn’t I?

Anyway, she’s been my friend/touchstone for over 15 years, the significance of which is not lost on me.  After I booked the (insanely cheap) ticket between LAX and SFO, I found myself regretting having not gone up more often over the years.  In fact, the last time I saw her was for a half a day in Santa Barbara… a year and a half ago.  Sad, simply sad.  There are many reasons for it, and maybe I’ll go into those in a future post, but sufficient to say, it’s a mistake I hope to correct in the near future.  After all, is it better to say that I spent more time at work than with some of my closest friends?  I think not.

It will be an interesting experience, going back up to SF.  I haven’t been there in four years or so.  I lived there fore 6 or 7 years and went to college there in my formative years.  I never, however, really fit in, I don’t think.  I can’t say why, exactly, and perhaps this trip will render that part of my past in greater clarity.  Or leave me more confused, who the hell knows?

But, more than anything else, I just want to hang out with some friends who have known me for a long time.  At the very least, I owe them a meal or two for helping me through the last couple of months of breaking up with the Ex.  So friends, food, beer, and talk.

Really, what more does one need out of life?

See you on the flip side.


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