Posted by: GeekHiker | March 9, 2007

Onward, March!

Tomorrow I’m supposed to go on a group hike with something just shy of a platoon full of people.  For the most part, I tend to shun group hikes, especially ones of this size, mostly since it tends to be more like a forced military march and suck all the things I like about hiking away: everybody talks so you don’t hear the wind in the trees, every living thing for the surrounding 100 yards takes off so there’s no chirping birds, etc.

I’ve therefore put myself into a different mindset insofar as this hike is concerned: it’s not a hike.  It’s a social event.

After I broke up with The Ex, I looked around and realized just how painfully shallow my social circle was (odd how that can be in a region with a greater population pushing 8 million, eh?).  I therefore signed up for a whole mess of different groups as part of an effort to expand said social circle.  Of course, the fact that I’m painfully shy in large groups doesn’t make such an effort any easier.  But even though staying home and tweaking my blog has so much more appeal, I really do need to expand the social circle.  So tommorow’s little event, should I go, is part of that.  It’ll be a fun military march amongst the chaparral.  ‘Cuz it sure as hell isn’t a hike.

I say should I go since I just got home from the first full week at the gym doing the program, and I hurt like hell.  In fact, I can barely lift my arms over my head.  The Work Friend keeps telling me that it will be worth it.  It better be, or mark my words, someone, somewhere, will pay.

Of course, they won’t pay until after I can lift my arms, so they’ve got a head start on me, I guess.

So tomorrow, God (and weakened shoulders) permitting, I’ll strap on my boots and join a platoon of hikers on the trail.  It’ll be fun, really.  I’ll just keep telling myself that until I’m convinced, anyway…


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