Posted by: GeekHiker | March 14, 2007

Well, at least I got an answer…

So, I don’t need to worry about the question I was asking last night.  The Nurse replied to my e-mail tonight.

And completely shut me down.  Said that she only wanted to hang with me in the context of the group stuff.


Thanks, universe-at-large.  That’s exactly the kind of positive feedback that I needed to re-enter the dating world with.

So, I meet an attractive, intelligent woman, she’s pretty clearly interested, agrees to go out to dinner.  Then after a few days of thinking about it, completely changes her mind.

Uhhhhhh… okaaaay.

Oddly, I feel no particular need to slam her or anything.  She thought about it, rendered a decision, and had the decency to let me know.

Although, she did end the e-mail with “hope you understand”.  Well, no, not so much.

Don’t get the wrong impression here, I wasn’t expecting much out of the whole thing.  Heck, it was just a dinner, and a fast food one at that.  So, you know, c’est la vie.

At this rate though, this is going to be the most boring blog ever



  1. Bummer. Rejection, no matter how gently and tactfuly presented, still hurts. Having just ventered back into the dating world last fall for the first time in many, many MANY years, it’s been an adventure. It’s actually gone better than I expected, in spite of my being scared shitless!

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