Posted by: GeekHiker | March 21, 2007

Absence makes the heart…

So, for a blog that I’ve been writing essentially for myself (seeing as how I doubt few visitors have yet popped by now that I’ve made the blog public), I’ve been rather conspicuously absent of late.

The thing is, I couldn’t seem to come up with any post that didn’t sound like some self-pitying whine.  Given that, there didn’t seem much point in posting.

First, there was the incident with The Nurse, which seems to prove that in ten years, my dating skills (and, apparently, my ability to go from “attractive enough to go out to dinner with” to “not a snowballs chance” when I’m not even in the room) is unabated.

Then I met a cute girl last weekend who has, insofar as I can tell, absolutely zero interest in me.  Which, well, sucks, but there’s no real point in dwelling upon it.

In fact, if I were to dwell upon it, the blog would end up as one long, pathetic whine, which, in addition to not being reflective of what I’m actually feeling, would also just end up as one long, pathetic blog.

Besides, if that were the case, and folks were actually commenting, the comments would surely fall into two categories: “much sympathy” and “grow some balls, ‘ya looser”.

Yes, folks, I’m afraid the web really has become that predictable.

So, for the time being, I’ll probably post more about hikes.  Unless my strange luck with women, such as The Nurse, changes.

Hm.  Maybe I should have titled this blog “Strange Luck With Women”…


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