Posted by: GeekHiker | March 31, 2007

Baby Steps

I went out on another group hike over in Griffith Park today, this time from the parking lot along a ridge to view the Hollywood Sign.  You can’t actually get to the sign itself, it’s all blocked off, chain linked, security camera’d and probably has some fancy laser-trip-wire-giant-killer-robot system protecting it.  Instead, you view it from behind said chain link fence from a road above it.  Standing next to a whole series of radio towers and microwave antennas which probably scrambled my genes but good.

It’s even less thrilling that it sounds.

(Just a little side note: as I write this on the 31st, the Wikipedia page above for the Hollywood Sign has already been updated with a line about yesterday’s fire.  That’s fantastic.)

I’ve decided that I’m probably not going to detail these Griffith Park group hikes, mostly since I see them more as a way to socialize than as hiking.  Besides, places like Griffith Park are so laced with roads, fire roads, trails and single-track “let’s hack through the brush here” trails it would be almost impossible to do a trip log for one.

The day was hazy, but you could still see downtown and the fog hugging the coastline.  At least the weather was perfect: sunny, warm, cool breeze.

Plus there were plenty of firemen mopping up after last night’s fire near Burbank.  At least the ladies on the hike had something to look at.  If there’s one universal truth about women I have discovered: women love firefighters.

And speaking of women, I spent a large part of the hike talking to a very nice woman.  (How’s that for a segue?)  Even managed to get an e-mail address at the end of the hike.  We’ll call her Pink Sweatshirt, since that’s what she was wearing around her waist during the hike and I totally and completely suck at coming up with creative nicknames for people mentioned in this blog.

Now, I don’t know that she and I were a match.  Her geek credentials were decidedly lacking: she’s never seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and when I told her I’d been to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl to see John Williams conduct, she replied with “who’s that?”.  Hm.

On the flip side, she likes to hike and camp and go to museums.  When I mentioned I hadn’t been to the Griffith Observatory since it re-opened, she acknowledged that she hadn’t been either.  I gently suggested that she go with me in a couple of weeks (not next week as it is Easter weekend and she has family plans), she agreed.

Oh, and when I shyly admitted to loving Oingo Boingo, she admitted to loving them as well.  Ooooh, connection!

Now, I’m not putting a whole lot of “hopes and dreams” into this.  It’s two weeks away, and after my experience with The Nurse, well, let’s just say I think it best that I not.

The biggest positive that I’m pulling from this is that for the last few weeks I’ve been pushing myself out, doing social activities, and almost every weekend, I’ve managed to get a woman’s e-mail or phone number.  None of them have yet come to fruition, but for a shy geek like myself, these little baby steps are significant.

Of course now I’ve got all the questions in my head: how soon do I e-mail her?  One day?  Two days?  Wait until the middle of the week?  What do I say?  Short, off-the-cuff e-mail or long verbose e-mail?  Crap, when did this all get so complex?

All this stress over one girl, an e-mail address, and whether or not she likes me enough to go out on a date.  If it is a date.  Maybe it’s not.  I don’t know.  Crap crap crap!  More silly questions!

If anyone came here hoping to read “the wild sexual escapades of the GeekHiker”, uh… you’re probably in for a long wait.  A very long wait.  Best go someplace else, to the blog of the SuaveHiker or something.

“SuaveHiker”.  Heh.

So maybe I’ll write her tomorrow.  And though I won’t want to, I’ll hope that she’ll still be interested in a couple of days and will want to go to the observatory in a couple of weeks.

‘Cuz Pink Sweatshirt?  She had really beautiful eyes.  And I’m a total sucker for stuff like that…



  1. Hey GeekHiker! I’m one of your groupies from Chicago. I’m kind of bummed that you’re going for the girl in the pink sweatshirt. Pink isn’t a good sweatshirt color.

    I love your blog!

  2. Don’t worry, it wasn’t bright pink, more of a, uh, stonewashed pink, so it was okay.

    Thanks for the kind comment. I’m still tripping on the idea that the shy GeekHiker has groupies!

  3. SuaveHiker. Tee hee. (That’s the extent of my brilliant comment.)

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