Posted by: GeekHiker | April 2, 2007

Nature has a way, sometimes

I was feeling grumpy all day at work today.  Between the horrid morning commute and all the start-of-the-month crap, it was just a down day.  And, although I’d enjoyed the Lazy Sunday, there was a part of me thinking I should have gone for a short hike.

This afternoon, I took a quick break to head up to the post office, cursing the world and everyone in it.

On my way up the block, I heard a bird calling high above.  I looked up, and there he was: a red tailed hawk doing lazy circles near the top of a thirty story building.

In the heart of the city.

Calling out loudly to his mate.

Flying around surveying HIS domain.  Which clearly it was.

Sometimes, when you can’t get out to nature, it comes to you, if you just listen and, occasionally, look up.

It was just what I needed.


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