Posted by: GeekHiker | April 8, 2007

Lazy Sunday, Lazy Post

Oh, I’ve been such a lazy blogger lately.  There have been other, uh, distractions lately, and I’ve been a very bad blogger as a result.

I’m sure this happens to other bloggers, though: I’ve got about 47 posts in my head, it’s just a matter of sitting my butt down and writing them out.

So, I’m doing a lazy post of Stuff I Like (ooh, I smell new category!).

So, since I brazenly ripped off the category term “Stuff I Like” from Bob Harris’ blog, he’ll be my first link.  Bob’s a pretty interesting guy, the kind of guy you think “this guy would be interesting to have lunch with.  Be sure to check his “Travel” page for his posts from his trips around the world.  I’m rather envious of those travels, hopefully I’ll emulate it someday myself…

(Bob, if you ever stop by my little blog, sorry for ripping you off, man.  I’ll owe you a lunch here in LA.)

And for sheer comedy, check out Geeks In Love (you’ll need sound for this link and the next one, so may not be best to view at work).  The GeekHiker is not nearly so geeky as the character in the cartoon, but he does wish he was that creative with Flash.  Plus the tune is catchy.

And if you enjoyed Geeks In Love, check out this one.

 Enjoy, folks.  More to come…


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