Posted by: GeekHiker | June 12, 2007

Just keep piling it on

So, in addition to all the other crap of the past couple of weeks, life tossed something new into the pot this week: a brand new neighbor.

My old neighbor was a nice enough guy.  The only drawback was that he smoked, and the prevailing winds around our place took the smoke out of his living room and blew it into mine.  So, I just left the living room window shut.  I mean, what was I going to do, ask the guy not to smoke in his own living room?

Other than that, he was a good neighbor.  Quiet, went to bed early, was quiet in the morning (5:00 am) when he left for work.  The walls are lath-and-plaster with no insulation, so that kind of thing is important.

A couple of weeks ago he left and my new neighbor moved in.  He is ever so annoying.  He talks loud.  He plays the TV loud.  He has a loud, annoying, high-maintenance girlfriend.  Who comes complete with two yappy little dogs.  And they occasionally have arguments.  At 1:00 in the morning.

As I write this, I’m running on four hours sleep due to their TV (and about which I will be talking to him later on today), plus I got to work late because of an overturned truck on the freeway.  And, of course, as only seems to happen when I’m stuck in traffic, a system was down and everyone was angrily waiting for me to show up and fix it.

What next, world?


  1. Holy hell noisy neighbors are irritating! Yours sound exceptionally fume-worthy. Sorry you’re having such a rough start to the week.

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