Posted by: GeekHiker | July 23, 2007


As I write this, on my lunch hour at work, I’m running on only about 10 hours sleep out of the last 72.  And a huge chunk of that was spent driving about 800 miles total over the weekend.  The fact that I can put together a coherent sentence at all is, really, quite a feat.

Just my fortune then that my IM friend Copasetic Fish, bless her sweet heart, did a post in her blog about how cool my blog apparently is.  She even left out how much time I spend in this blog not on actual hiking, or even on geek stuff, but instead on lamenting the state of my pathetic love life.

Given how much cooler & better written both her blog and the other blogs she cites are, well, needless to say, I blushed.

So now (‘cuz, you know, no pressure or anything) I’ve got to get off my lazy sleepy ass and post.  So the crowds of new folks who will no doubt show up at my door (all one or two of you) have something entertaining to read.

But, would anybody mind if I caught a little shut eye first?



  1. Just a quick note before you get some sleep. Like the site, like the blog, I’ll definately return and hang out awhile.

  2. Ah, GH, you deserve the Kudos. You do, indeed, rock. I don’t mention it much, you know, with all the lamenting about my pathetic love life and such, but you do rock. You’ve been a great help this past month.

    Hope you get some sleep.

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