Posted by: GeekHiker | August 27, 2007

Dontch’a just hate…

… when your router decides to reboot itself every two minutes for no apparent reason?  I think I got all of two e-mails sent out in a 1/2 hour before I gave up on being on the net for a while.

So I went for a group bike ride on the beach Saturday, and finally made it to Griffith Observatory Sunday, so the offline life is good at least.

More posts as soon as I get the $%&@#! thing fixed…



  1. I know the overzealous peeps at Best Buy would be happy to “help” you with your router. That strand bike path looks awesome. Lucky you.

  2. Charlotte – oh, don’t get me started on the Best Buy folks! If you’re ever in LA and want to ride the strand, I’ll let you borrow a bike!

  3. Ah technology!

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