Posted by: GeekHiker | September 2, 2007

‘Tis Bloody Freakin Hot!

(Beef non-eaters may look away from this one.  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.)

One of the special joys of living in LA is the fact that the illusion (the weather is perfect all the time) doesn’t quite mesh with the reality (at times it gets really, really hot).

Homebuilders for decades have taken advantage of the illusion and built places such as mine: no a/c, no insulation, no central heat.

Now, don’t get me wrong here.  I grew up in the central valley, home of 100+ degree summers, so it’s not like I’m not used to hot summers.

When I was a kid, the schools weren’t air-conditioned.  Teachers simply opened the windows, turned on whatever fans they could scrounge up, screamed above the fans, and watched the kids doze off from the heat.

Needless to say, May in Sacramento wasn’t particularly conducive to “learning”.

The worst of this was jr. high, where the dress code did not allow boys to wear shorts.  (It wasn’t until I was much older and more sarcastic that the fact that the dress code didn’t say a damn thing about kilts occur to me).

The reasons for this were always pretty vague, something about girls in shorts showing legs being a distraction or something like that.  ‘Cuz, you know, melting in your seat while sweat pours down your legs and pools on the floor isn’t a distraction at all.

And wouldn’t ya know it?  A quick web-search and I found that now the dress code at that school allows shorts.  Geez, for once in my life, things really were worse when I was growing up.

But at least the parent’s house had air conditioning.  And that magical marble tile in the entryway that cooled the feet no matter what the temperature.

The basic idea here being that, even in the dregs of summer, you could get away from the heat, at least a little bit.

Here, no such luck.  It’s 11:00 am and already 85 inside the house.  Bleh.

Not that there’s anyplace to go, really, either.

The beaches, this being a holiday weekend and all, will be insane (though I may try to sneak in a bike ride early, early Monday).  Driving out to the Santa Monica’s in said insane beach traffic to hike is also a nightmare proposition.  And the hot weather is forming thunderheads over the Angeles, and the idea of being caught in a sudden downpour/hail storm/lightning storm is none to appealing.

Nope, this is a hot holiday weekend to stay home and, well, try to stay cool.

Luckily, I have cool (temperature-wise) leftovers for lunch: the taco salad I made last night.  Y’all enjoyed the pic of the sandwich so much, I thought I’d snap one of this too:

Taco Salad

Whad’ya all think?  I’ll admit, there’s a total cheat in the salad that I learned from my mother: instead of the taco shell bowl, I use smashed up Doritos.  Whatever.  It gives it a unique flavor.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to take said leftover salad, grab a book and my camp chair, head over to the park and find the shade of a nice tree for lunch…



  1. I totally understand the heat thing! Very hot in the house when we got home. We wanted to turn around and go back up in the mountains. I have the windows open (well, at least the ones with non-bent screens) and the fans a blowing! It should cool off in here by 3am.

    Dang GH, that salad looks mighty good! We ventured to IHOP on South Shore for good ol’ breakfast for dinner! However, the sandwich I had at lunch under a tree along the river was pretty good. I should have taken a pic. And … NO, I didn’t make this one either!

  2. Substitute in chicken and I’d be all over that salad.
    Tomato and avocado might be nice as well.

  3. No A/C? Oh gosh I’d be all sorts of unpleasant. Good for you for being so laid back.

  4. hope the weekend cooled down for ya… it was perrrfectly gorgeous here in NoVA, what a great way to say bye to summer…

  5. They even mentioned the heat on the news here. Does this mean you are looking forward to work? (this assuming there is a/c there)

  6. dobegil – Yeah, I know about the 3:00am cool off. It’s supposed to cool down by the end of the week, thank goodness. And, yes, take more pictures!

    just a girl – Chicken & avocado, okay, but I absolutely hate tomatoes. My salad, my rules.

    Ruby – It’s so hot one can’t be anything but laid back. Preferably laid back in front of a fan.

    charlotte – Okay, I’m jealous of your beautiful weather. Remind me to tell you about the weather here come, oh, February. 🙂

    just a girl – There is a/c at work, but a hot day laying on the couch drinking lemonade is still better than being at work!

  7. How about olives?

    Actually I’d choose the couch too.

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