Posted by: GeekHiker | September 5, 2007

… And Nothing Happened

The first part of that sentence?  “I had lunch with a girl today…”

So there I am, eating lunch outside in the shade, when a pretty girl asks if she can sit with me, since the only other table left open has no umbrella.

I ask her about her book, and we segue into conversation.  We’re both headed in the same direction back to work after eating, so we walk and talk.

She’s younger (significantly so), an actress (eek!) and lives over in Hollywood (hell for parking).

We parted ways, shook hands, and that was it.  No exchanging cards, no swapping telephone numbers.

Which I was plenty okay with because, while she was a pleasant diversion during lunch, she clearly wasn’t my type.

If there was one thing that I learned when I worked in the film industry, it’s that finding out that someone is an actress is an instant turn-off.

Not to say that actors and actresses can’t be fine, wonderful, interesting people.  But something drives someone to want to perform, some need that can only be fulfilled by having others watch them perform.  And 99% of the time, that need, that something, whatever it may be, can be absolute hell to deal with in an intimate relationship.

But, hey, at least I had some company for lunch.

The worst part, though, was this: she was cute.  Damn cute.

And none of my co-workers had the decency to walk by and see me eat lunch with a mysterious, cute girl.




  1. It’s so much more relaxed to have encounters with the opposite sex when there are no expectations. Bonus lesson: now we all know your stance on actresses.

  2. You should have taken a picture and showed it around at work.


  3. Yeah! I’m here!! Ok, I’m going to link you now, so I never encounter this problem again!

    Oh and yeah for the cute lunch girl! 🙂

  4. charlotte – Yeah, too bad I don’t have more of them, eh? And I hope no one gets me wrong: I have friends who are actors/actresses and they’re wonderful. Just not for dating. 😉

    just a girl – They would’a just said I pulled it off the internet. No, I wanted the office rumor mill working fully in my favor!

    *kb* – Glad you found your way back! Missed ya!

  5. One day her autograph could have been worth something! Or she might have had an equally cute non-actress friend who likes hiking. Glad you had a good lunch!

  6. Ruby – Darn, should’a had her sign a napkin. Eh, when we parted it seemed like doing the whole “here’s my card” number would have been pushing things. But she works nearby, and I’m certainly not opposed to running into her again… 🙂

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