Posted by: GeekHiker | September 14, 2007

An AfFair to Remember

First off: side note to myself: must be sure to ask the trainer at the gym Monday if the friend she was hanging out with tonight is single because, can I just say, very cute.  Plus, in talking, I found out she does data analysis as well, so there’s some definite geek-appeal.  Heh.

Well, after some back & forth planning and what-not this week, it seems that…

wait for it…

wait for it…

I’ve talked about it before, and now it turns out: I’ll be heading off to the Fair with friends after all!  😀

So, for Sunday, my plans include: eating horrible food, perusing large halls full of stuff that I’ve never seen before (but will have many talented salesmen convince me I can’t live without), eating many calorie-filled items, seeing farm animals, ice cream, viewing exceptional quilting & pie-making skills, and, oh, did I mention eating bad food?  Fried everything on a stick!  Cool!

Any maybe, just maybe, the girl I was flirting with a the party last week might be there.  Or might not.  Who knows?

Either way it’s gonna be fun (if not exactly nutritious).

And just for giggles, I looked up the other three ads they’re showing for the fair.

Enjoy, and have a good weekend.

Oh, and sorry about the pun.  Couldn’t resist!



  1. Rides…what about rides?

    Those videos are hilarious! Good on them for poking fun at the stereotypes.

  2. I love those commercials! How funny!

    Is it ironic that I live in what many people would consider a completely ‘hillbilly-fied” state and I’ve never been to a country fair?

    Have fun on Sunday! Especially with all the cute girls who seem to coming your way!

  3. Those videos are way too funny! BTW, I love fair food, so have a funnel cake for me! When we lived in nebraska, I used to drag my kids to the fair for the food and free concerts! How bad am I? Have a great time!

  4. I’m so glad that seeing “exceptional quilting skills” is on your agenda. You’re too funny. Anyway, so glad you get to fulfill your longtime dream of attending the LA Fair. Definitely let us know how the funnel cakes are!!

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