Posted by: GeekHiker | October 19, 2007

Friday Geeky Sillyness

I should be writing up the big long posts I have written in my mind.

Well, that’s what I feel like I should be doing today.

But I’m feeling lazy, and its been a rather long week, so instead I’m going to slip into full-on geek mode and share a couple of things I find funny.

An e-mail conversation with Just A Girl reminded me of The Evil Overlord site, which has been around a while, but is still darn funny.  If, and of course when, GeekHiker Industries takes over the world, I will keep it’s advice in mind.

Second: it came out last summer, but I only just this week saw the entire Robot Chicken: Star Wars.  Yeah, it’s geeky and completely twisted, but I enjoyed it and found it gave me quite a few giggles.

Finally, I’ve been reading The K Chronicles ever since my days in SF.  The author, Keith Knight, just moved down to Southern California, giving him a whole range of new subjects.  His “Life’s Little Victories” comics are priceless.  You can read his archive here.

And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten my roots.  I’m bound and determined to hit the trail this weekend!


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