Posted by: GeekHiker | December 9, 2007

Trying To Get In The Spirit

So I’ve decided to test-drive WordPress’ pre-built Holiday blog theme. What do you all think? Too much?

Here’s the problem that I’m having at the moment (perhaps exacerbated by last Friday’s party (which in itself is a tale for a later post)) is that, as I just noted on Brandy’s site, the closer and closer we get to the actual day, the less and less I feel the ‘ol Holiday Spirit. The constant droning of the marketers on TV and all over the place just wears me down. I usually manage to bounce-back on the day of, but that’s still a couple of weeks away.

This was a duality that The Ex Girlfriend never really understood about me. I would occasionally gripe about the disgusting over-marketing during the whole month of December, and she would interpret that as me being a Grinch. I don’t think that’s the case at all; I just prefer the idea of the holiday being about family and food and good times and less about stuff, stuff, stuff.

This year seems to be especially annoying. Is it just me or are there more ads touting the idea of giving that special-someone in your life a car or a ‘freakin diamond?

I mean, geez, who are these people who can afford to do such things? I may be single now, but I’m fairly certain that if were hypothetically married and went out and dropped thirty grand of our hypothetically-joint money into a new car, my hypothetical wife would kick my hypothetical ass for being such a spendthrift.

But I, uh, digress.

Since I have no really good way of closing out this post (it’s been a weird couple of days), here’s a couple of pictures of my little Christmas Tree.

2007 X-Mas Tree

My little tree

2007 X-Mas Tree2

Would it be a GeekHiker tree without pinecones?

For those of you wondering, yes it is a fake tree. As much as I would love to have a real tree, I’m usually out of town over the Holidays and the idea of coming back to a big dead tree isn’t that appealing.

You can’t really tell from the pictures (getting the right exposure is almost impossible), but the lights are a mix of clear, yellow and orange bulbs. Full admission: I was originally inspired by the tree at the Grand Californian Hotel at DisneyLand, before it burned up last year. The new tree there is all orange lights, so now mine is a little more, uh, mine.

It has a nice, warm look to it and it’s covered in ornaments (mostly hand-made) from my childhood, and that alone compensates for the blitz more than you can imagine.



  1. MY EYES!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!! Well, I guess it’s not that bad. It is a little “much” though.

    I put up the fake tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving and we have yet to find the time to decorate it. The Wife and I agree that we want to be “in the mood” before we decorate it and it just doesn’t have that Christmas feeling yet.

    I agree that the hypothetical wife, like the Wife of mine, would kick your ass.

  2. Nice job with the tree, GH!

    We all get in the spirit in our own ways. For me it was popping in the CD of the Vienna Boys Choir singing traditional Christmas hymns. There’s not a single other sign of Christmas in my home (no trees no lights etc)… but when I heard that CD, I immediately felt the hholiday warm fuzzies.

  3. I like the new theme, it’s cute!

    You are so right, I’ve seen SO many commercials of guys giving jewerly and it’s just annoying, I really don’t think Christmas is about that. And yep if I was with someone and he got the silly idea that I wanted a diaming ring for Christmas then I would have to kick his butt for it and make him return it.

    Your tree looks wonderful!

  4. Damn! HD beat me to the my eyes comment!
    As long as it doesn’t stay up past NY day I think it’s survivable.

    I’d freak if the hypothetical husband bought a car but, um, not so much if it was plane tickets.

    I’m trying to scratch up some spirit but so far not much is happening there. I should see if Elf does the trick.

  5. Your tree is lovely, GH. Just ignore all the commercialism. I’m so broke that my family is getting the joy of my presence this year as a gift, and they are ok with that. And you know, it’s kinda liberating.

    Oh, and I’m not really getting much either, except maybe a small check to help with the rent/food. No cars or jewelry, and I’m fine with that.

  6. GH, Nice tree! You’ve done way more than I have. I don’t have a tree or any decorations anywhere. How sad is that?

    With money being tight, one of the ladies I know said she couldn’t afford gifts and giving to different charities. So they decided to donate money to the charities in the name of the person she would normally give a gift to. Then, she would write on the card a note that whatever amount was donated to whatever charity in the receiver’s name.

    I thought that was pretty cool.

  7. I like the theme. I think it’s a good way to try and get in the Christmas spirit. Also- Christmas is a tricky time. I think the problem I have (and that I know others share) is that as soon as you are feeling like you are forced to get into the Christmas spirit, it’s suddenly impossible to do so. And who is anyone to define Christmas spirit anyway? Be a good person. Do good things. Eat a candy cane. Christmas will find it’s way to you.

    Wow. That got so deep. 😉

  8. Homer – Sorry. Or am I? Perhaps I’m just that evil.

    Charlotte – I’m sure it’ll kick in at some point, perhaps when I see the family.

    Wendy – good for you, and thanks for the compliment

    just a girl – LOL, no don’t worry, it’ll be gone by then, either back to the old one or something new. Must rent Elf…

    lea – Thanks. Hope your Holiday goes okay.

    dobegil – Thanks. You should get a string of colorful lights. They’re cheap and surprisingly cheery. I like the charity idea.

    brandy – Exactly, it’s like the whole push to “buy stuff because it will get you into the Christmas Spirit” has exactly the opposite effect…

  9. Where the heck am I!? 🙂 I like the new look and I LOVE the Christmas tree topper!!!!!!!!!

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