Posted by: GeekHiker | January 3, 2008

Holidays, Be Gone!

It always amazes me, at least in my neighborhood, how fast the Christmas lights come down. The whole street was lit up on New Year’s Day, but when I arrived home after the gym on Wednesday, only two houses still had lights. One of them was mine, the timers having turned them on promptly at five.

The street seemed positively dreary by comparison, the change being so sudden.

Not wanting to be the old man in the neighborhood who leaves his lights on until June, I went inside and started pulling down the lights from the windows. Away went my multi-colored kitchen.

It doesn’t depress me or anything, but it’s a shame there’s nothing to put up in it’s place, especially as the rainy season starts here in California. In fact, it’s supposed to rain cats-and-dogs all weekend. Oh, well.  Good thing I hit the trail when it was sunny on New Years.

I’ve changed the blog back to something non-holiday. Hopefully, Homer, your eyes won’t hurt anymore when you stop by. I’m just playing around, so let me know what you think of the new format & header image. That’s Mt. Shasta up above, by the way, on my way to Crater Lake last fall.

I kinda miss the snow, though…



  1. Aaaah. Very soothing to the eyes and calming of the nerves. I like the picture as well. Very nice.

    I took down my lights on Wednesday to beat the rain. This weekend we will take down all the inside decorations and the holidays will be officially over.

    I’m looking forward to listening to the rain.

  2. I’m just passing by.

    The lights went off on Wednesday in my neighborhood too. This is not really a surprise since most people returned to work the next day. Anyway, the rainstorm this weekend will be a real pain. 🙂

  3. That’s the problem with everyone putting stuff up so early. By the time Christmas rolls around people are ready for the decorations and lights to be gone.

    I had a couple of friends who had their stuff down on the 26th and they both have kids eve.

    Pretty picture; ooh ahh.

  4. I like the blue! I think you should keep it.

    I took my tree down on Wednesday, but I’ve left my lights up. I just can’t taken them down yet. They are inside, not outside, so the only person to see them is me. I will probably keep them up just a little longer.

  5. I love the new layout!!! Happy New Year GH!

  6. Pretty new layout (I’m not sure if ‘pretty’ was what you were going for, but it is pretty). Also, I’m one of those people who needs all the decorations down on Jan 1st. Keeping them up longer just depresses me and reminds me how long I have to wait until it’s Christmas again.

  7. Very nice layout.

    I don’t mind walking in the rain. Heck, with the appropriate gear I even like riding in the wet. It gives me an invulnerability feeling which is pretty amazing.

  8. Homer-Dog – Most will come down this weekend. I’m not taking the tree down till the storm is over though.

    undercanopy – Thanks for stopping by! I was actually surprised more people didn’t wait for the weekend.

    just a girl – the 26th? That’s just nutty.

    lea – Knowing you, I fully encourage leaving the lights up as long as you like! 🙂

    Charlotte – Thanks! You too!

    brandy – Thanks for the compliment.

    Gany – It’s not the rain that bugs me, it’s the 40 mph winds…

  9. Stop complaining, bottle some rain and send it this way! 😉

    The neighbors finally took theirs down after I reminded them how they ranted earlier last year about other folks in the neighbors that leave theirs on for most of the year. He had an excuse though, he’d been sick.

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