Posted by: GeekHiker | January 10, 2008

Good Timing, And They Don’t Even Know It

I came into the office this morning feeling…well, not depressed or down or anything similar, nor angry or pissed or anything like that. No, that’s all dramatic and I felt pretty fine.

Except maybe just a little…peeved. Not intensely so, mind you, but peeved nonetheless.

Yeah, peeved is a good word.

Why peeved? Because I think I got played, because I got teased, which is irritating. The whole “Ooh, I’ve got something to tell you! Oh, wait, now I don’t, so I’m going to give you the silent treatment,” is just annoying as hell.

And this from a girl who, so she claims, hates to have a lot of “drama” in her life. Ha!

On the plus side, given our office situation, I don’t even have to put effort into avoiding her, we just naturally never see each other. Sweeeeeeet.

It’s pretty rare thing when good and bad balance each other in my life. Let’s just say that my whole yin/yang is waaaaay out of wack on a normal basis.

So it was a pleasant surprise when I laid eyes on an e-mail from a friend this morning saying “What’re you doing this weekend? I’ve an itch to go hiking.”

Perfect timing.



  1. Nice!

  2. just a girl – I assume you’re referring to the friend’s invite and not to the silent treatment I’m currently getting, right?

  3. I’d love to be hiking, but because Comcast jacked up my internet installation, I’ll have to wait at home until that’s done. Perhaps I can do some early afternoon Geocaching? Who knows.

    Anyway, if life has taught me anything, it’s that a woman who claims to hate drama has experienced much of it in her lifetime.

  4. Score on the hiking partner deal.

    The ones who claim to “haaaaaate” the drama are the ones who live and breathe because of it. Its like if they didn’t have it going on they would cease to exist because their air supply would be cut off. I have a superior like that. I avoid her like the plague. I dig good gossip but I don’t roll around in it till its all I stink of. Sheesh.

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