Posted by: GeekHiker | January 29, 2008

Morning Realization

Ever wake up to the sound of your alarm, all warm and comfortable in your bed, happy that it’s finally Friday?

Then, as it slowly dawns on you just how cold the room you’re about to climb out of bed into actually is, your brain becomes conscious enough that you realize it’s not Friday, it’s only Tuesday?




  1. OW! That sucks. It always throws you off for the rest of the week too.

  2. Ooh bugger.

    Hate those days.

  3. I have had a few of those lately. Theres the initial joyfulness. Then the shake-your-head confusion. Then the reality sets in and you slump back down and figure out how you can stay in bed just a LITTLE bit longer, perhaps until it really IS friday.

  4. All the time. Especially now that the temps have dropped to -40.

    Sometimes living in Canada is not awesome.

  5. Add a couple coughs for dramatic effect and that was my morning.

  6. oh what a letdown, hope you at least pressed snooze and rolled over for a bit

  7. DOH!! that really sucks … there’s nothing worse than getting your hopes up and then getting them crashed

  8. Homer-Dog – Yep. I have no idea what today is.

    Just a Girl – who doesn’t?

    backpacker momma – I’ve been known to do that.

    brandy – True, but sometimes I’m sure living in Canada is awesome.

    Aaron – Heh, love the dramatic effect.

    charlotte – I hit the snooze button twice, actually

    seine – yeah, even on such a minor level!

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