Posted by: GeekHiker | February 10, 2008

Back To Life, Back To Reality

I’ve been on vacation for 9 days. I’ve been out of town, seen places I’ve been to before in a whole new way, tried sports I’ve never tried before, spent time with old friends and made new ones.

Yet, I sit here, staring at the blank WordPress compose screen, and feeling equally blank in my mind as to where to even start writing.

It doesn’t help that I can’t edit the pictures from the trip as yet. I finally succumbed and got a new camera before departing town, but owing to technical difficulties (it uses an SD HC card and, wouldn’t you just know it, I don’t have an SD HC card reader), I can’t even start to organize my pictures. And it seems that when it comes to writing these travel posts, I organize my thoughts based on the memories the pictures evoke.

I can’t even put up a picture to tease you with. So, there’s that little impediment.

Besides, I’m also tired as hell.

Of course, there’s always that creeping knowledge in the back of my brain that tomorrow I have to return to work, and that subtle little ringing bell in the back of my mind reminding me that things may have changed there during my absence. But only going in tomorrow will let me know for sure.

Finally, there’s the feeling one has, sitting on the couch in their small home after the very cool friend who came in from out-of-town has left. The house feels emptier than it did before.

Am I depressed about it? Nah. The place just seems a whole lot bigger. And a whole lot quieter, too.

So, this is it for tonight. I’m home, safe, sound, and exhausted. I’ll spend the next couple of days catching up on all of your blogs, pick up a card reader so I can start sorting through my pictures, and start writing. May not be anything from the trip for a couple of days.

Don’t worry, though. The trip didn’t go by the book in any way, shape, or form. And it was still totally cool.



  1. GAH!! I was going to ask you about your Job and about the camera situation and totally blew it off. Sorry about that. I must have been totally self absorbed. I also forgot to thank you for inviting us. It was a real treat. Thank You!

    I had the same issue with my Canon S5 and I went out and bought an adapter but it turns out that I’ve never used it. It’s so much easier to just connect the camera up with the USB cable. Someday when I’m traveling I’ll end up using the small portable reader that I bought.

    Can’t wait to see the pictures. Even though the trip didn’t go as planned I’m sure the pictures will be awesome.

  2. I refuse to give up my old olympus for that very reason, I can’t bring myself to get a new card reader! I’m anxious for your photos…hopefully things at work won’t be so bad.

  3. welcome back GH

  4. Welcome home!

  5. Totally get the no commentary without pictures thing, makes remembering what you did so much easier. Can’t wait to see where you went this time!

  6. Woohoo, he’s back! Missed ya! Glad you had a nice time. An actual vacation with nine days off? Dang, what is that like?

  7. Too bad travel always has to end.

    Welcome back to the blog world.

  8. Homer-Dog – No worries, it’s all good. I tried connecting the camera and the machine didn’t want to recognize it, so a card-reader it is.

    cripkitty – things seemed to go okay. Card readers are pretty cheap these days, you should look into it.

    charlotte – Thanks!

    Ruby – Thanks to you too!

    Backpackermomma – Heh, at the rate I’m going, maybe nothing til the weekend!

    dobegil – *blush* Thanks, it was good. It’s all in the planning: four of those days were weekend days!

    just a girl – Indeed it is, indeed it is…

  9. The old USB-cable to the camera trick don’t work, huh?

  10. heh, i’m usually exhausted coming back from vacation and need a day or two to recover from vacation before i’m ready to face the world 🙂

  11. Aaron – Nope. Can’t seem to get just the right driver file loaded.

    seine – At this point, I think I needed another week off to recover from my week off!

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