Posted by: GeekHiker | April 6, 2008

I Should Write…

…the thoughts that I had on the way home on the freeway today.  I really should.

But after yesterday’s hike turned into a 12.5 miler, and all day today was spent paddling a kayak, I can barely move.  And the brain is fried to boot.

So I’m going to mentally check-out for the evening, and watch Family Guy’s “Blue Harvest” episode instead.

Still, wish the weekend weren’t over.  I only hope I got enough sun in the last two days to last another week in the server room…



  1. You should bring one of those real sunlight kind of lights with you in the server room:)

  2. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. Cool.

    I hope you can last another week or two in the server room. Perhaps you could invest in ear plugs to zone out the buzz?



  3. You could have posted a pic or 7.

  4. You kayak tooo??? You’re close to perfect, why hasn’t someone snatched you up yet 😛

  5. You needed one more day to relax after your busy weekend.

  6. That is all sorts of active! You should try a long soak in a hot tub.

  7. Sometimes downtime is a good thing.

    I’d probably be in traction if I did all that in one day!

    Enjoy a night off!

  8. Gany – Don’t think I haven’t thought about it…

    Cara – It’s not a bad idea, plus then I wouldn’t hear the phone ring…

    A-Rod – Whoa, geez, talk about pressure! 😉

    cripkitty – I dunno. I could send you the e-mail addresses of the women who’ve rejected me and you can ask ’em, if you like…

    just a girl – Tell me about it…

    Ruby – I would, but I’d have to leave my sunburned spots outside the tub!

    Devon – LOL – I think I will. Well, maybe a short post…

  9. Wow, after a 12.5 miler I would be housebound and unable to do much fopr a couple days. I felt my 10.24 miler I did last thursday for at least three days afterward

  10. OMG, this sounds like the best day ever!! 🙂 You have to admit the feeling of being so tired and spent after being physically active all day is pretty much the best!!

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