Posted by: GeekHiker | April 15, 2008

Two Good Things

It’s not much.

It’s not Earth-shattering or life changing and angels didn’t sing from on-high.

But two good things did happen today:

1) The electricians finally finished my office and I was able to re-locate out of the server room today. I’m still not sure how much I trust a repair done on the cheap, but I’ll take it.

It seems so quiet at work now.

Ironically, I’ll be back in the server room for most of the day tomorrow (including some OT) doing some critical server firmware upgrades. Oh, well.

2) I’ve studiously avoided the website (here), but on the way home from work, I saw my first billboard for this:

IJ Poster 5

A big, stupid grin spread across my face. But it wasn’t really me. It was the eight-year-old-boy inside me.

The one that thought Raiders of the Lost Ark was the coolest movie ever. The one who spent the summer of 1981 running around the back yard in a tattered jacket and floppy hat, carrying a length of rope his Dad gave him and making whip “whit-ka!” sound effects while finding artifacts in the neighbor’s bushes.

He’s the one who lives on, and can’t wait until May. 😀



  1. I have similar memories about Raiders of the Lost Ark except, since I was 18, I couldn’t wear a tattered coat and hat and find treasures in the neighbor’s yard without looking like some weirdo perv.

    My only problem with the new movie is Harrison Ford’s age. He’s getting up there. Won’t stop me from seeing it but I may wait for the DVD.

  2. Me, neither.

    Actually, I’ll be waiting longer because I’m gonna get it via NetFlix.

  3. Sure, sure…blame the kid…

  4. awww, ‘lil geekhiker playin’ indy in the back yard… sounds adorable…

  5. LOL – Charlotte, you took the words right out of my mouth.

    YAY for being out of the Server Room. Even if you have to go back, it’s nice that you’ll have your office again.

    I like to take pleasure in the simple things – glad those two things made your day better.

  6. Phew! I am sooooooo glad you’ve finally been able to escape from that server room.

    Now your poor ears can throw a celebratory party. Whooohoooo!!!



  7. I saw one of the trailers for this movie and laughed so hard. I can’t wait until it comes out.

    We have to see it on the big screen since we have a small tele, we’d miss half the scenes.

    Glad you are out of the server room.

  8. That is one awesome billboard! I’m really looking forward to watching this film. 🙂

  9. Congrats on making it out of the server room!

  10. I think the server room is now officially one of those “nice place to visit, wouldn’t wanna live there” places. Its ok going back in there to work because you know you can leave and go back to your own space. Yay for you!

  11. what is it with shia lebouf being in all these movies??? I can’t wait to see it either, I’m a huge indiana jones fan…

  12. yay for no more constant white noise!! i’m excited about indiana jones too 🙂

  13. Homer-Dog – Hah, but it would’a been funny. No way am I waiting for the DVD, I wanna hear Williams’ score on the theater speakers at the very least.

    A-Ron – Now that’s just crazy talk!

    Just A Girl – Well, yeah, why not? He’s the one making me spend the ten bucks! 🙂

    Charlotte – Yeah, I was pretty darn cute, though I’m guessing Mom was a little scared of me flinging that rope around.

    East Coast Teacher – It is nice to have the escape available again.

    Cara – Me too. It’s just so….quiet now! LOL

    Dobegil – I have the feeling that even if it’s only OK, it’ll be better than anything else that’s out.

    Wendy – Me too!

    Ruby – Thanks!

    Backpackermomma – Yeah. I don’t mind working there, really, but for weeks on end, it’s no damn good.

    Cripkitty – LOL, I have no idea! Good to meet a fellow fan!

    Seine – Yeah, too darn loud! Yea, more fans! 🙂

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