Posted by: GeekHiker | May 7, 2008

Gnarly Knee

(Amazingly, this is written without a single joke relating to a particular infamous ice-skater, but feel free to add your own.)

If you scroll down the site as it is right now, you’ll probably notice something: there’s not a single hike posted. Only a lowly backpack from almost three weeks ago.

If you’ve stopped by seeking hiking posts, you’re probably disappointed. Perhaps even tearing up just a little bit. There, there. *pat’s on back* Don’t fret, just click here.

Unfortunately, there won’t be any new hikes posted for at least a couple more weeks. Sad, no?

Seems when I took the fall on the trail on the backpack a couple of weeks ago, it did a real number on the left knee. The cuts, which were surprisingly deep, are now almost healed, and I think I’ll nail a pretty cool scar out of it. So that’s a plus.

(As an aside, I always love how differently men and women interpret the thought of a scar. Without fail, all the women at my office react to the idea of getting a scar with “ooh, I hope it’s not noticeable.” Men, on the other hand, think: “Scar! Cool!” Mars and Venus indeed.)

The tendon in front of the knee cap is another story altogether, still inflamed from the impact and slowly healing. No, I haven’t been to the doctor (I’m a guy, remember?), but given that the injury seems to be slowly but steadily showing improvement makes me thing it’s gonna be okay.

Given enough time.

So no hiking for a while. And only light cardio in the gym. Certainly no running, since any sort of impact like that hurts like hell. I’m a bit concerned over the lack of cardio, as you might imagine. Let’s all hope I don’t get to the point of changing my name to “RoundHiker” any time soon, if you know what I mean.

Only problem is, I need to hike. Really get out there, you know? Not just park the car and walk a few feet under some trees. No, I need to get out there and walk up a hill. Boulder hop up a canyon. Clamber up to the top of a peak.

And not being able to do so, not having the ability to do so, is killing me.

I’m filling the time as best I can, with various group activities and a trip out of town or two. Still, it’s not quite enough.

On the plus side, I’m supposed to be on a group hike two weeks from now. I figure I’ll see how I’m feeling, go out there, and turn around if things don’t feel good. As a result, it may or may not yield a hike post. “Got out of car, hurt like hell after 100 yards, went back to car” isn’t the best hiking post, wouldn’t you agree?

Although, somehow, I’d probably still manage to shoot 50 pictures in that 100 yards. Heh.

Oh, well. Better to let it heal right rather than screw it up even more, right?

Or so I keep telling myself.



  1. you are doing well. keep it up.. 😉

  2. When I read your line about getting a cool scar, I thought you were being sarcastic until I read your aside. I can’t think of a single woman I know who would think scars are cool. I’m annoyed that I can still see the scar tissue on my knees from when I skinned them numerous times as a kid, even though they are so faded no one else could tell.

  3. Always wanted a nice dueling scar cross my nose and right cheek.

    Something you might want to try–get some nice soft moccasins or Vibram Five Fingers and start walking/jogging on grass. This has helped my wingey joint quite a bit.

    cf. You Walk Wrong

  4. Hang in there, buddy. A new Outside magazine is out, so pick that up and just cut loose watching the Discovery channel or something. 🙂

    It could be worse.

    You could be in perfect health and just not able to make a worthy hike due to scheduling conflicts. Like me. :/

  5. I dunno, I have a couple scars from a sliding-down-the-hill-on-my-face mountain biking accident and I’m pretty proud of them. 😀

    Can you walk on flat trails? I totally hear ya on the whole NEED to hike thing. I think there’s a part of the soul reserved for that activity and that alone. Maybe you could get a wheelchair with off-road tires and let a friend push you?

  6. How disappointing; no photo.

    As long as the scar isn’t on my face, though I already have some there, I’m good with scars.

  7. Battle scars are awesome…they’re evidence that you’ve lived, taken chances, and have stories to go along with the crazy, exciting, scary, etc., etc. things that you’ve experienced.

    Yes, scars are cool.

    Even I think so, and I’m a girl.

    Chicks dig scars.

    Glad you posted an updated…was wondering how the knee was doing. You’ll be back hiking in no time, my friend.

  8. The women in your office would freak if they saw my scarred up legs. I got some beauties from mt. biking. One is a bit more than I’d like, but oh well. Hope your knee is feeling better soon!! 🙂

  9. You’ll be back on the trails before you know it which I realize is not soon enough.

    You still owe me a hike so heal up quick!

  10. I like scars also.

    Hope you heal fast and can get back out on your boots!

  11. I hope you heal soon.

    I don’t like scars on myself, or my men.

    As for not getting any cardio, I have a suggestion. Why not take a seat and do the ‘YMCA’ dance? Do it really fast, several times and you’ll be sure to get your heart pumping really fast.

    Or just swing your arms about for several minutes.



  12. Jonathan – why, thanks, new visitor…

    Lea – LOL, it’s true (well, at least in my office!)

    Phil – A dueling scar would be cool, though I figure I’ll say I fought off a ninja on the trail.

    Aaron – Not a bad idea, actually. You’ll be out there soon enough.

    Mel Heth – Part of the soul? That’s so eloquent… and makes me think I’ll get cabin fever soon!

    Just a Girl – Sorry, it was deep, but not wide, so no good photo.

    East Coast Teacher – Heh, I guess I’ll have to work on getting more.

    *kb* – Cool (yep, I’m good with girls with cool scars)!

    Homer-Dog – Yeah, we gotta get going on that one…

    Dobegil – 🙂 Thanks

    Cara – Thanks. I’m making do with some easy work on the bike…

  13. Maybe you should go to the doctor…just in case. Hope you’re better soon and back on the trails!

  14. I bet my scars can beat your scars. If you tendons in your knee don’t heal after like next week or so (if it’s been 3 weeks?) head to the doctor, you might have a tear.

    I know I know…*ugh* you can’t hike….*toughup dude*

    I’m on crutches…I watch your stuff because I can’t do it either. You’ll be good…go kayak, it’s easier on the legs. 🙂

  15. I know you are not too fond of motorbikes, but why don’t try ring a dirt bike and go off road, that would give you a feeling similar to hiking. Well, except for the noise of course.

  16. It’s funny, when you first mentioned the cut and the scar my reaction was “oh no!”, then I kept reading and realized that you are so right- Mars and Venus. I’m pretty sure my brother did things just so he could get the scar. Oh men.

  17. Ruby – Nah, it really is starting to feel much better now. I’ll be back on the trail soon, I’m sure!

    Cripkitty – I agree. I’ve seen steady progress, but after a month (four weeks) I’d probably head to the doctor if I saw no change… I like the kayak idea, though…

    Gany – Heh, well, I do have 4wd on the truck…

    Brandy – And yet, you like us guys, scars and all! 🙂

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