Posted by: GeekHiker | May 17, 2008

Bah, Humbug

As nice as it is to think that IT is all about sitting behind a desk all day, controlling the network like a god with little more than effortless taps on the keyboard, it can be, at times, a great deal more physically active.

Workstations need to be moved, equipment switched out, new equipment arrives and needs to be set up and configured, etc. All involving various lifting, bending, stretching.

So when a new printer arrived on Thursday with a weight listing of 105.1 lbs., I certainly didn’t pick it up myself. And yes, I know from an early age and working in various jobs to lift with the legs, not with the back. So I lifted with my legs.

Yet, somehow, I managed to screw up my back anyway.

This morning I discovered that if I didn’t crawl out of bed at juuuuuuust the right angle, the stiffness would turn it self into pain. Knife-in-the-back type of pain. This, as you might imagine, didn’t put me into much of a mood to hike.

Well, that at the heat wave going on this weekend.

So I spent the morning running errands. I went to one store to buy a phone on sale, only to discover that the phone was on sale on Friday. And Friday only. Bah.

I went to the bookstore, coupon in hand, looking for this book. I flipped through it, but ultimately decided it wasn’t worth getting. Who needs a BBQ book when they hardly BBQ anything more than a hamburger anymore? That’s what sucks about being single: even buying a small package of something to BBQ at the store, you still end up with so many leftovers that by the time you’ve eaten them all, you hate the dish. Bah.

By this point it was near noon and I was getting hungry. My back had been hurting all morning and, resisting the urge to pop Advil like M&M’s, it was starting to depress me. I figured maybe a turkey sandwich might do the trick for lunch, so I headed to the local deli to get turkey.

Where I discovered that they have stopped selling cuts of meat now, limiting themselves to sandwiches. A deli that doesn’t sell cuts of meat? Bah.

Back into the car for another trip to the grocery store. I hate having to do lots of little trips in the car: it sucks environmentally, even more so at four bucks a gallon. Bah.

Finally, I got the turkey, headed home, and made my sandwich. It was… okay. The turkey was salty. Really, really salty. Call me a purist, but I think turkey tastes just fine without injecting enough saline solution to make it into a salt lick any moose would love. Bah.

I’ve spent the rest of the day reading and sweating (curse my non-air-conditioned home I mean, bah), got dinner, and now, sore back and all, am spending my Saturday evening on the couch, hoping it feels better so I can do something resembling a hike tomorrow.

Oh, well, gotta catch up on my blogroll anyway.

Saturday night at home catching up on blogs. Quite the thrilling life I lead, eh? Hope you didn’t feel faint from the excitement of it all.




  1. I tried to leave you a nice long comment and then my computer ate it. Bah.

    Anyway, I hope that your back feels better tomorrow, that this killer heat wave lets up soon, and that things start looking up!

  2. I’m wrong in the head.
    I finished reading your post and what’s in the noggin?

    Baa baa black sheep have you any wool….

    Good grief.

  3. So many bah’s! I hope you get some boh’s next time :). And by the way, believe me if I say that 4 bucks a gallon is nothing.

  4. Sorry about your back. Get some cold compresses for it.

    I’m totally with your about the salty turkey – hate them! Just thinking about them makes me grimace. Bah!

  5. Are you a Man or are you a Sheep? You’re a Man of course but your post sounded like it was full of Sheep. 🙂

    My fix for this situation would be popping M&M’s like Advil.

    I hurt my back in college. I lifted a crate full of records the wrong way. You remember records. Those big, black, round things that they recorded music on back in the stone age. My back hasn’t been the same since.

    You get well soon.

  6. Nothin worse than back pain. Hope you get better soon. As for the bahhing … lol … well, you know what I think of sheep!

  7. Singlefabulous – Bah, I hate it when I lose a nice long comment. Hopefully the heat wave will be over soon.

    Just A Girl – *snicker*

    Gany – Heh, thanks. I wouldn’t mind the price so much if, here in car-based LA, we had some, nay, any alternative!

    Wendy – Thanks, been doing both cold and heat. I agree – no salt in the turkey!

    Homer-Dog – Depends on the day. Have no fear, my friend, I do indeed remember the LP!

    Dobegil – Thanks, I hope the pain is all gone soon too!

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