Posted by: GeekHiker | June 22, 2008

Tired & Antsy

I could sit down and write a nice, interesting post tonight, but I won’t be.

The reason is pretty simple, actually. I just got home from a weekend backpack tonight, and I’m tired and sore.

But that’s not the reason.

It’s not because the ideas aren’t there.

It’s not even because there’s a heat wave and it’s so hot in here I can barely think coherently.

No, it’s because I came home to find ants in my living room.

Not a long line of them. Just a few. Just starting to establish a path. Not enough to know where the little bastards are coming from. Or exactly what they’re going for.

Not that I can imagine what that is. I’ve had problems with ants before and, as such, I practice pretty stringent (dare I say anal?) policies around here. Dishes do not go unwashed. Food is not left in the open. If it’s not in the fridge, it’s in a plastic bag. No bachelor-standard pile of dirty dishes in the sink nor over-flowing trashcan of food ’round here, thank-you-very-much.

Just enough of ’em to bring my mood down that one notch. Damn little things.

Anyway, it may be a couple of days before I get around to writing a post. Probably once the muscles stop aching from the weekend trip.

Just to whet your appetite until then, a pic from this weekend’s trail:




  1. Lil’ buggers.

    Glorious shot.

  2. great pic, can’t wait to see the rest! Sorry about the ants…harmless but oh so yucky!

  3. Gorgeous shot, as always.

    Looking forward to the post – and more great photos 🙂

    Stupid ants.

  4. Grant’s ant stakes, my friend. They work like a charm. About once a year I get ants in my bathroom (no idea why they end up there) and the ant stakes always make them disappear…to anty heaven…

    Glad you got a good hike in over the weekend! Looking forward to the post about it.

  5. love the photo.

    I just got home from vacation and in the timeshare we stayed in there were tons of ants all over the counter. Gross.

  6. If you wouldn’t leave your crate of Twinkies lying around…

    Gorgeous picture! Can’t wait to see more.

  7. Just A Girl – Yep. Thanks!

    Backpackermomma – Annoying, aren’t they?

    East Coast Teacher – Thanks; later on this week, I hope…

    Mel Heth – I will try to find them. I tried some other brand, and the ants ignored them.

    Jamie – Welcome to the site! Darn things, everywhere you go…

    Dingo – Ooooooh… why didn’t I think of that?

  8. Yargh! I hate the scout ants! At least you caught it before it became the entire population of ants…

  9. Glad the welcome home committee found you. Great photo! So jealous!

  10. Peggy – Hey, welcome in! Yeah, I’ve had the ant-expressway before… not fun at all.

    Aly – Oh, was it you that sent them? 😉

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