Posted by: GeekHiker | July 25, 2008

Happy SAAD

Have you thanked your SysAdmin today? If you haven’t, go do it now. Or give him a hug. Or a present. Or lots of cash. Or maybe a new car, if you can spare it.

And if you read this list, just substitute “GeekHiker” for “Ted” and you’ll have a perfect window on my work day.

Seriously, I never understood the photocopier thing either.



  1. Hey, have you read the short story When SysAdmins Ruled The Earth by Cory Doctorow? If not, send me your address and I will send it to you. I think you’ll enjoy it.

  2. Grrrr…I’m not really thankful for my sysadmin today. I’ve had the same trouble ticket in for 6 hours, sent 6 follow-up emails and no coherent response.

    Me: I’ve tested the migration from the test server to the production server. Everything on the production server is working except for the Asset Loader. Could you check to make sure all the volumes are mounted and have correct permissions?

    Sysadmin: The production server has been replaced by the test server

    Me: To clarify, we got a note that the migration was complete at 5 AM and that the production server was now live. Should I have everyone move BACK to the test server?

    Sysadmin: My bad. I just now learned that the production server is back up.

    Me: To clarify, could you check the status on the Asset Loader? From here it looks like a volume isn’t mounted or possibly that permissions have changed.

    Sysadmin: What is an Asset Loader?

  3. The Mac IT guy here at work told me he couldn’t rescue anything off my laptop when it died last year. I think he’s a liar. But I’ll go ahead and thank him today…

    That list was long. It made me feel tired and blonder.

  4. I don’t have one unless I count you.

    Thanks GH!

  5. I’m going to pretend you’re my IT guy….so…Thanks GH! You’re awesome!

  6. I think I am going to give him a hug or a car, which ever he prefers.


  7. Dingo – Nope. Is it a digital copy you can e-mail me, or paper?

    Phil – Well, that’s because your SysAdmin isn’t me. *grin

    Mel Heth – Hate to say it, but sometimes that happens and the data’s toast. Sorry ‘bout the long list…

    Just A girl – You’re welcome!

    Ruby – *bows*

    JustMe – Hmmmm… hug from a hot girl or a car… That’s a toughie… 😉

  8. Can you pleeeeeeeeze come be our LanTech at Uberschool???!?!?!

  9. What about Network Engineers? I want some love, too.

    Let’s not forget the Bastard Operator From Hell…

  10. Ms. H – Sure! What’s the pay like?

    Aaron – Why not? No reason it shouldn’t be an open club…

  11. For what our current LANtech does…the pay is too much. For what a REAL LANtech should do….the pay is not enough.

    But hey! you’d get to work with me! *wink*

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