Posted by: GeekHiker | August 11, 2008

Santa Cruz Island Extras

(First, a quick thank you to everyone for your kind words on my birthday post. I have, as I always try to, responded to you individually there.)

Just a couple of miscellaneous things that didn’t quite fit into the posts on my trip to Santa Cruz Island:

As I’ve freely admitted before, I am a certified (and probably certifiable) map geek. When I arrived for the ferry that early morning, I discovered that my old topo map was out of date, so I picked up this from the gift shop there:

CI Map Cover
Trails Illustrated Santa Cruz Islands National Park Map

If you need a good map for the island, you can’t go wrong with this Trails Illustrated map. Easy to read, accurate, and tough, it still looks practically brand new after three days of constant use.

* * *

Finally, a couple of photos that didn’t quite fit into the hiking posts, but I still wanted to share:

Santa Cruz 11
Moonrise over the wall of Scorpion Canyon

Santa Cruz Coast Photomerge Sm
Panorama of the steep cliffs of the Santa Cruz Island coastline

Santa Cruz 31
Heading home: a look back after leaving the island



  1. That’s a fab screaming moon shot.

  2. That coast line looks a lot like the Cliffs of Mohr in Ireland. Incredible. And I think Just A Girl said it best that is a fab screaming moon shot.

  3. look at those pictures! that’s amazing!

  4. I’ve been in Ventura 18 years…and haven’t yet made it out to the islands. Great write-ups and dandy pics.

  5. more gooooorgeous pics. sorry for missing your birthday… been a ‘lil distracted but that is no excuse!

  6. The moonrise photo is breathtaking!

  7. Dingo read my mind – total Cliffs of Mohr shot on that second one. It looks like a postcard! Beautiful. And how the heck did you get the awesome moon shot?! I need to learn how to use my camera…

    So glad you came back with such spectacular documentation of your trip!

  8. Just A Girl – thanks!

    Dingo – Having never been lucky enough to travel internationally, I’ll just have to trust you on that one. And thanks!

    Brookem – Thanks for stopping by again. I really like the panoramic.

    Phil – Well, there’s still time! If you go, make sure to do a post!

    Charlotte – No problem, you’ve had important things to deal with of late.

    Rachel – Thanks!

    Mel Heth – I’ll send you the secrets. Thanks, I’m very happy with how the pics turned out.

  9. Love the Panorama. Well done!

  10. Homer-Dog – Thanks!

  11. Oh my, those are fabulous. That is an unreal night shot. Unreal. And the lighting in the second one, wow. Wow.

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