Posted by: GeekHiker | September 11, 2008

Pretty Sad…

Pretty sad*, isn’t it? That my biggest accomplishment of the week is doing a single photomerge and uploading at as the new header?

*sigh* *shakes head*

Oh, well. The above is Shadow Lake, located in the Ansel Adams Wilderness just east of Mammoth Lakes, California. I took it a couple of weeks ago (you remember, before everything got confusing), more or-less from the same angle as a photo I have from when I was there 12 years ago.

Hopefully I’ll have the energy/desire to work on some more pics over the weekend…

* What, you thought the title was a description of my mood? Surely you jest…



  1. That’s beautiful!

  2. Um hi YOU are Ansel Adams!!! That picture is awesome! I think a photomerge is quite an accomplishment, so you should be proud!

    I dunno if this works for everyone, but when I’m feeling blue, I make myself French toast for dinner, watch a little Sex and the City (maybe some vintage CHiPs or a little Survivor Man would be more appropriate for you) and write in my journal. Self-nurture is truly an art.

    Thank you for dazzling us again with your incredible photographic skills!

  3. This is such a beautiful picture. You make me almost want to move to California. Almost. There’s that thing about earthquakes. And well, that it’s not New York. BUT…you do get to see some amazing scenery!

    You should make s’mores. S’mores always make me feel better. Before I eat to many and feel sick. But hopefully you have more common sense than I do and will stop before it gets to that point.

  4. that is an AMAZING picture! good gosh what i wouldn’t do to have been the places you’ve been!

  5. Hey hey hey…it is an accomplishment! Some weeks my only accomplishment has been making it THROUGH that week. You actually produced something!

  6. Well done!

  7. I don’t know what a photomerge is but I like your blog header!

  8. Not all accomplishments need to be followed by tickertape parades….sometimes a breathtaking photo is enough

  9. But it’s a beautiful header!!!! Really 😀

    &Cheer up boy!! *sends cheers*

  10. Great picture!

    I bet it’s incredible in person!

  11. Soooooo pretty.

    Photo merge must be something fancy beyond my capabilities…

  12. One once said there is no small accomplishment… After all, life itself is made of a myriad of (very often) insignificant details. Every now and then a major event occurs and you celebrate, but that’s not the rule.

  13. As always, a beautiful pic!

  14. If it makes you feel better, it’s a beautiful picture. 😀

  15. SingleFabulous – Thanks!

    Mel Heth – I wish I knew the solution to feeling blue, as I’m still feeling it…

    Dingo – S’mores isn’t a bad idea…

    Kristin – It’s not too far of a hike in from the trailhead, actually…

    Ruby – I know that feeling well…

    Homer-Dog – Thanks my friend.

    Charlotte – A photomerge is just taking a series of shots and blending them into a single image. Don’t be too impressed: Photoshop does most of the work, then I do the clean-up…

    TheCoconutDiaries – Well, I wouldn’t mind a ticker-tape parade…

    Narami – Thank you on both counts.

    Ms. H – it is, especially if the wind isn’t blowing too much!

    JustAGirl – Nah, just get Photoshop Elements…

    Gany – True, true.

    Dobegil – Thank you!

    Wendy – it does a little bit, actually…

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