Posted by: GeekHiker | November 16, 2008



The fires are miles away from me, but it rendered the whole world a bit eerie today.

I woke up this morning to a deep orange sun in the east. Throughout the day it got a bit brighter and more yellow, but never truly the daylight you’d get on a clear day.

Sticking my head out the front door, the smell of smoke filled the air. Needless to say, I decided to bag my bike trip along the ocean.

Instead I stayed home and cleaned and read. And tried to decide if it was better to have a hot, stuffy living room, or open the windows for a slightly cooler living room filled with the smell of smoke. Not an easy choice, I tell you.

What made it eerie though was that the whole area around my place seemed dead. No kids playing in the park. Fewer cars driving by. Other than planes flying overhead, it’s as though the whole city decided to stay indoors out of the smoke.

I like the quiet, but it was a bit creepy.

Hopefully the weather will change and the fires will be out soon.

CA Fire Photo 02
A picture from last year’s fires. Sun looked exactly the same today.



  1. Okay that would be so weird not hearing the city.

  2. Thanks for the update….I’ve been wondering how the fires have been affecting you. Stay safe, and keep us posted!

  3. That is one thing I don’t miss. Stay safe and smoke-free GH.

  4. Stay safe, be careful!

  5. Glad you’re safe. Stay that way.

  6. Was actually thinkin’ about you and my other friends that are out in that area today as I was watching the news.

    Please be careful. Take care of yourself, stay safe, play nice, because you know the fire won’t. 😛

  7. Ditto Homer-Dog. I was in San Diego for last year’s fires and it was scary to see that much land be burned, people get evacuated and a temporary shelter set up in Qualcomm Stadium. But it was also amazing to see a community rally to donate blood, blankets, tents, time, food, entertainment for the kids…

  8. Wha-? What fires? Lord, I need to turn on the tv every now and then.

    Stay safe, GH.

  9. It was crazy flying into LAX yesterday. Everything seemed to disappear in a murky haze as we approached. And my car was completely covered in ash. I can’t imagine being here all weekend for that.

    Now I need to find out where I can donate stuff to the victims…

  10. Just A Girl – It was indeed.

    Ms. H – No worries, I’m quite far away from the brush areas.

    Homer-Dog – Smoke finally blew out today!

    Ruby – Thanks!

    Rachel – Will do.

    Cripkitty – Aw, thanks. Luckily the fires are way, way over there.

    TheCoconutDiaries – Those are the things that are good that come out of events like this. They showed footage of neighbors returning to the mobile home park and supporting each other today…

    Dingo – Time to hit up the news websites my friend!

    Mel Heth – Best thing to donate is cash. Usually they have enough stuff…

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