Posted by: GeekHiker | November 30, 2008


Now it’s getting on my nerves.

Six live catch traps.

Eight glue traps.

Little pieces of poo all over.

And last night the little fucker (pardon my French) tried to get into my bedroom at 4:00 am.

Anybody got a cat I can borrow for a night or two?


  1. Hahaha. There’s bunch of neighborhood cats rooming around that you can borrow. 🙂

  2. You MUST be desperate…to be willing to have a cat as a roomie!! I’d loan you Freddy if I thought he’d be any help.

  3. I understand the live catch traps and the glue traps but why would you spread poo all over the place? Do mice not like poo?

  4. Poo. *snicker* You said poo… 😀

  5. I’d loan you my cat, but she’d wait until you caught it, before she’d be interested!

  6. Are you annoyed enough to use one of those inhumane traps yet?

  7. Oh, I’m the mean girl. I’ve never tried the live traps before; I’ve always used the ones that send them to mousy heaven–not that the smart ones don’t figure out how to evade them, too. Careful picking up cereal boxed–they like to chew holes in the bottom–nothing like having to sweep up a whole box of cheerios first thing in the morning.

  8. just so you know, i would be FREAKING OUT.

  9. :oO little sneaky bastard!

  10. Well, I have 3 cats but they’re totally useless hunters. I watched them spend 30 minutes playing with a spider and I finally just crushed the sucker! But if you need some cats to curl up on your face while you’re sleeping, stick their paws in your cereal, or lock themselves in rooms; then mi gatos es su gatos.

    BTW- that whole “post to front” thing had me all confused…all your new posts are coming up after it (was that english??)

  11. That is all sorts of aggravating…good luck! You’re handling this significantly better than I would be! Cheryl had a mouse issue too…

  12. Wendy – I saw two in my neighbors garbage cans tonight, but couldn’t get them inside…

    Ms. H – I am! Does Freddy like mice?

    Homer-Dog – *snort*

    Just A Girl – Thought you’d like that.

    Dobegil – Lazy bum! 😉

    Mrs Chuck Bartowski – I am and I did. He ignored that too.

    Anya – I’ve tried everything now!

    Kristin – LOL

    Narami – Indeed!

    TheCoconutDiaries – Nah, I need a true mouse-hunter. But thanks.

    Ruby – I’ll check out the post…

  13. No, not the sticky ones. The ones that snap their little necks. If he had put his paw on one of those babies instead of in the sticky glue stuff, you’d have had a dead mouse by now. Don’t ask me what to do after that. I would have screamed and called a boy and then cried all night for killing a poor, defenseless albeit pooping creature.

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