Posted by: GeekHiker | December 30, 2008

Maybe It Does Make A Difference

I’ve gained probably 10 pounds of non-muscle to be sure, but The Best Friend, having not seen me for a year, noted that my chest and shoulders seemed a bit broader.

Playfully punching me in the arm later on, she noted the fact that the arm she punched was a tiny bit bigger and more muscular than, well, anytime she’s punched me in the arm in the past 15+ years.

I’ll try not to let it go to my head, but given that most days it sure doesn’t feel like the effort is having any effect, it’s somewhat gratifying to know that all the work and sweat at the gym might be doing a wee bit of good after all…



  1. Told ya you had muscle….
    You should change your blog header to The (buff) GeekHiker 😀

  2. Way to go! Those hours at the gym are paying off!

  3. are you saying you’re buff? nice!

  4. Good job!

    They say I’m getting bigger too. Unfortunately it’s around the waist and not around my chest or biceps.

  5. Maybe “Hot” GeekHiker?

  6. As long as you don’t start talking like Hans & Frans…..


  7. WELL. Isn’t that special. I have gained ten pounds and no muscle AT ALL. ah, well, maybe next year….

  8. See, I TOLD you you’re hot…maybe now you’ll believe me 🙂

  9. Rowr.

  10. Just A Girl – Well, not that much, and I’ve gained a bit ‘o blubber too

    Rudy – Thanks! It’s kinda gratifying.

    Charlotte Harris – Well, I don’t know if buff is quite the right word…

    Homer-Dog – I’ve got a little of both!

    Dingo – I’m hardly one to judge.

    Ms. H – Darn, I was going to start doing all my posts like that…

    Kori – Um… sorry?

    East Coast Teacher – I, uh, well, uh… *blush*

    Mrs Chuck Bartowski – Now who’s teasing who? Heh.

  11. Stud!

  12. what, no pictures?

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