Posted by: GeekHiker | January 20, 2009

Service, You Say…

It’s 10:00 and I just got home from a long day at work, so I’m going to keep my remarks on today’s inauguration short.

But there are two things I’ll share.

The first was that President Obama mentioned service more than once.  It’s been a theme of his entire campaign.

Apparently the universe-at-large has decided that my civic duty service is going to begin right now, on the very day of his inauguration: a jury duty summons was waiting for me in my mail when I got home.

Hard not to notice the timing on that one.

Anyway, besides that, there are far more bloggers out there who have said far more interesting things in far more interesting ways than my “I’ve been at work for 14 hours” brain can possibly come up with.

So I’ll leave you with this, the most popular picture of President Obama from PunditKitchen (the folks who also run the Fail Blog).

Feeling nervous about the state of things?  Just remember:

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Barack Obama pictures



  1. That FRIGGIN Rox!!!

  2. Hahahahah.

    And GH, when I read your title on my blog, I thought service?? ‘Cause that could totally mean something else and-

    I’ll shut up now.

  3. That picture? Is Awesome.

    It perfectly shows the ‘element of bad-ass-ness’ I believe Obama possesses.

  4. haha- love it. you officially got my morning off to a good start. thanks dude 🙂

  5. Excellent! Just what I needed to start my day.

  6. I am going to pretend he actually did say that…because that would be totally awesome!

  7. Your post is a hell of a lot better than mine … and funny too.

  8. That freakin’ rocks! All he needs is a pair of Raybans and maybe a cape.

    The service bug has bitten me as well and am one step closer to doing Big Brothers/Big Sisters. God help the poor kid that gets stuck with me!

  9. Hahaha!!! That is superb!

  10. Breathing a sigh of relief as I laugh at that picture.

  11. Oh man. I am so glad you guys put a dem in the White House. Makes me wonder what Dubya is doing now though.

  12. Ms. H – Heh

    Wendy – Oh, you’re so bad! LOL

    EastCoastTeacher – Easy to see why it got so many hits

    BlakSpring – Welcome!

    Dingo – LOL-glad it made for a better day

    Ruby – Nice!

    Homer-Dog – Have yet to catch up on your post, sorry…

    TheCoconutDiaries – So will you go for it?

    JustAGirl – *grin*

    MelHeth – I think a lot of people are

    MrsChuckBartowski – Well, it took us a couple of tries, but I think we got the right one this time around…

  13. He’s got it fo sho.

    Am jealous of your jury duty. (seriously).

  14. I heard DoGreat Good was helping Big Brothers Big Sister by donating a portions of revenue to the.

    Great cause & beats Bing for me!!!


    Check them out –

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