Posted by: GeekHiker | January 27, 2009

I Love “Dirty Jobs”

I love “Dirty Jobs.”  And not only because it makes me just a little bit more thankful for my own job.

Not only because Mike Rowe treats everyone he works with with respect, no matter the job.

And not only because Mike Rowe is damn funny and self-deprecating.

But because, chances are, only on “Dirty Jobs” will you see a conversation like this:

The scene: Rowe is visiting a place where they process birds, such as ducks, for their feathers (i.e for down pillows and such).  He’s hosted by an older woman, a grandmother with attitude who’s been doing the job for over forty years.

At one point, they’re talking about how the grand kids worked in the factory when they were children.

Rowe: “Everybody starts here when they’re, like, three years old?”

Her: “Well, until the government changed it.”

Rowe: “What did the government do?”

Her: “It passed a law that you had to be 14.”

And then, a moment later,

Her: “And then the government changed it and you couldn’t hit them with a dead duck and discipline them.”

Rowe, turning to the grandson: “You’ve been struck by a dead duck?”

Grandson: “Oh, yeah, many times.”

Rowe: “What’s it like to be struck with a… is it just a…?”

Grandson: “It’s all-around wrong.”

You know, you’re just not gonna hear a conversation like that working in IT.  Gotta love the craziness that is America.



  1. I could picture the look on Mike Rowe’s face. I LOVE that show, it’s one of the few times I will actually plunk down in front of the tv.

    I also wrote about one of his episodes ( )

    You’re right, no days are that entertaining in IT…

  2. And to think that Mr. Rowe was once a pitchman on QVC.

    You know, we used to discipline our dogs with BB-guns. Can’t do that anymore either.

    Here’s how it worked, if the neighbors lab came into our yard we’d zap it in the haunches with a BB. The dog quickly learned that there was something problematic about our yard.

    And when our wolfhound strayed up the hill, the neighbor would return the favor.

    These dogs became quite respectful of property rights and all-around model citizens.

  3. While I understand the appeal of the show, I’ve never really gotten into it. I may have to reconsider since that conversation is funny.

  4. I LOVE that he treats all of his guests with respect. I think the world would be a much better place if there was a common respect for a honest day’s work.

    And, thanks for the classroom management tips. Dead ducks and BB guns?? I’ll have to remember that. *grin*

  5. Dirty Jobs is a great show – Mike Rowe cracks me up!

  6. Damn, I love that show.

    Sorry I missed that episode.

  7. hahahhhaa oh that’s an interesting conversation!

  8. I would LOVE to see the law that’s all:
    Section 2. Article 3. Dead Duck Discipline
    Whereas the efficacy of discipline administered by a dead dug has thus proven to be the solely effective in the reduction of negative behaviors; PETA is up our ass and we just can’t do it no mo’.

  9. so this is the fun i miss by not having cable. damn. i’ll go and flog myself with a dead duck now.

  10. Spleeness – He does master the “quizzical” look, doesn’t he?

    Phil – And he sings opera, too!

    Homer-Dog – You should. I think you’d like it.

    Ms. H – The respect he shows is the best quality. I go to the effort of doing that myself because, I believe, no matter what the job is, everyone deserves respect.

    East Coast Teacher – I wish I had his quick wit…

    Aaron – Well, Discovery might do a marathon. They’re pretty rare, I know… 😉

    TheCoconutDiaries – *chortle*

    BlakSpring – Ouch!

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