Posted by: GeekHiker | March 1, 2009


As I think about the possibility of moving to a new place, I keep finding myself asking this question:

Is it just that I have too much stuff?  Or is it that I don’t have that much stuff but what I do have is so bloody disorganized?

Wish I knew…


  1. I’m the opposite – I don’t really have all that much stuff.

    The thought of boxing it up to move, however, gives me a headache.

    Where ya thinking of goin’?

  2. Hey! Earlier this year I was charged with emptying a 4 bedroom house of me AND my ex-husband’s stuff AND leftovers from various roommates over the course of 8 years. One bathroom had three different electric shavers and I’ve never owned an electric shaver. There were 14 and a half pairs of Men’s Size 13 shoes…and I am a woman with small feet. There were 10+ beer mugs and I don’t drink beer. And you would not believe the mass of electronics I had to parse through!

    Anyway, it was a LOT of stuff. A LOT of stuff. But I did it.

    You just take it one step at a time.

    And another bit of good news– during that moving effort– I managed to loose 13 pounds! (I discovered that one day when I was trying to figure out the weight of a bowling ball I found in a closet. I stepped on the scale WITH the bowling ball and oddly enough, the scale read my usual weight.)

  3. New apartment, same city? Or new place, new city, new state even? I’d say pick a place with air conditioning! Moving would be good, a chance to throw out all your old stuff…start fresh again.

  4. I’m guessing a new apartment. Take the opportunity to dump the useless crap and organize the useful crap in you new digs.

  5. probably a bit of both…though i’m personally a minimalist and always trying to get rid of stuff. packing up the little that i did have 5 months ago was a major pain so i’m always trying to purge. do you hold on to certain things for sentimental value? because that is my biggest problem.

  6. Please take some of my stuff! I get rid of at least one garbage bag worth of stuff every couple of months and have a rule that I don’t bring anything home unless I’m throwing stuff out. But I still have too much stuff! AUGH.

  7. The last time I moved I had to move one person 700 miles and another a mile.

    It was still aggravating. Believe me, you have more stuff than you think. I gave away more stuff to charity that year than I have in a while.

  8. Having just gone through a move myself, I would bet it is just a bit of both. Good luck!

  9. Oh, I know for sure that I have way. too. much. stuff.

    I keep meaning to go through it, but it’s just too daunting of a task.

    Moving, for me, is going to be a nightmare.

  10. East Coast Teacher – Yeah, I definitely have the headache!

    TGAW – Yeah, but it’s always easier to throw out some one else’s stuff! LOL

    Ruby – If it happens, definitely want a/c this time around!

    Homer-Dog – Nice in theory, but it always seems to end up in a last-minute box anyway, doesn’t it?

    Blakspring – I have a few sentimental things, but more I’m drowning in paper…

    Mrs Chuck Bartowski – But I already have so much of my own!

    Melinda – So, does that mean you’ll help me move too? 😉

    Kori – You’re probably right.

    Peggy Archer – Yeah, “nightmare” is probably a very good word…

  11. You definitlely are in the both category and I know this from sight. Moving is a pain no matter what; minimalist or packrat.

  12. Thanks – Enjoyed this blog post, can you make it so I get an email whenever there is a new post?

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