Posted by: GeekHiker | April 1, 2009


…at least I’m not the only one!  *grin*

Great television like BSG doesn’t come around all that often.  I wish it had lasted longer, of course, but I’m glad it was allowed to come to a conclusion.

The geek side of me though is really gonna miss it, though.



  1. How true. I hope the next great thing comes soon.

  2. OMG – i love the onion. i haven’t laughed this much in a while. thanks dude. i’m gonna send that to every bsg nerd i know (that would be about 3).
    i kinda feel like i lost some good friends though. wonder how Caprica will be.

  3. Nerd! 😉 I’m thinking of phoning my BSG fan girlfriend because she hasn’t let me make plans with her for Fridays this year. Maybe I can convince her to go shopping tomorrow. Or something equally girly like playing Trauma Centre on Wii. That game is truly horrifying.

  4. Please don’t disown me but I had to click the link to figure out what the he’ll BSG was. 🙂

  5. The finale (esp. the 2nd hour – I watched on made me cry. I don’t follow it religiously, but the ending is well done.

  6. It’s alwyas best that a great show leave on a high note.

    *moment of silence*

  7. *hug*

    I know it’s hard to lose a good show…but I’m here for you!

  8. Homer-Dog – I’m sure it will. And I’ll probably be late to the party on that one too.

    BlakSpring – At least BSG had a good run, unlike poor Firefly…

    Mrs Chuck Bartowski – Ahem, “geek”. 😉

    BackPackerMomma – Nah, you can be forgiven. No go rent yourself the DVD’s…

    K – There were a couple of tear-jerking moments…

    Just A Girl – Indeed. And thanks for the moment.

    Ruby – Thanks! I appreciate it!

  9. I know of others, too. You guys should all start an underground gang.

  10. Can you find some consolation in the whole “new Star Trek” movie?? O-Hura (sp?) is lookin pretty good

  11. yeah, poor firefly. it wasn’t no bsg but still a damn good (and fun) show. and we never got to see mal and inara finally get together…sigh

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