Posted by: GeekHiker | April 19, 2009

Random Riding Thoughts

(Because “what happens when GH takes a bike ride along the coast and randomly types an entry into his CrackBerry” was just too long a title.)

  • I really like riding the bike, and I’m reminded of it every time I ride. I wonder why I don’t do it more often?
  • Chatted with the friendly police officer at the “walk your bike” section of the pier. The fine for not walking your bike? $140.
  • And they put a point on your license.
  • It’s not just on TV: there really are some fantastically beautiful people on the beaches of Southern California.
  • They play volleyball, or just lay about.  How do they stay in such damn good shape?
  • I like the beach bike path, but I’m not a beach person.  The idea of just sitting on the beach all day just doesn’t sound appealing.
  • Well, maybe I had the beach chair, big umbrella, cooler with food and drinks, and people to hang with… maybe then I would.
  • I wonder what it would be like, just once, to date one of those hot twenty-something girls in bikinis.
  • And, yes, by that I mean I also wonder what it would be like to have sex with them.  Yes, I am a guy. Deal.
  • Of course, I also wonder what it would be like to be handsome and ripped like the volleyball guys too.
  • *sigh*  Back to the gym tomorrow.
  • I will resist the urge to have a corn dog.  And have a salad for dinner tonight.
  • But I will give in to the urge to have ice cream.
  • And it will be chocolate chip.
  • I wonder what part of “bikes only” don’t people understand?
  • I hope the young asshole dude who said to the in-shape (but mid-thirties) woman “keep on running, ya need it honey” never gets old, so he can live in his bubble forever.
  • Yep, sarcasm.
  • Its near the end of the ride and my keister hurts. Either I don’t exercise enough or I really, really need a new bike seat.
  • That may have just been my most profound thought of the day…


  1. LOL!!! One of the funniest posts ever! How about just walking up to the hot babes and starting a conversation? 😉 Oh, you can use this as an opening “So, I have this female friend (me) that wants to know how you stay – or even get into – such fantastic shape? Genetic or hard work? Wanna help her out?” 😀

  2. I have a beach chair and an umbrella. If you provide the cooler, I’ll stock it. But you’ll have to carry it.

    As a post-20-something hot girl, I can tell you that sex would be boring. Compared to a relatively good looking, 30-something, older and “wiser” woman 😉

    PS If you are going to have sex with one of those bikini babes, watch out for sand in sensitive places. Ouchy. Not that I know from personal experience or anything. *Cough*

  3. Young Asshole Dude will get his….it’s just a matter of time.

  4. Yeah, why don’t we ride our bikes more often?

    If you find a bike seat that doesn’t suck, let me know.

  5. Bike seats all suck until you build up your butt ‘callous’. Basically you need to ride every day 😀

  6. I hope that mid-30s woman slapped that Young Asshole Dude upside the head – I know I would’ve.

    I miss the beach AND chocolate PB ice cream.

    Hope you had two scoops 🙂

  7. i would have challenged that “young asshole dude” to a presidential physical fitness test right there on the spot.
    and was your friendly chat a euphemism for you getting a citation?

  8. Oh, GH, I loved this from the hip post. And you can rest assured that the 20-somethings told the young asshole, “keep going, you ain’t gettin’ any.” Unless he had a lot of money. Then, they’d be all over him.

  9. so refreshing to hear how annoyed you were at the young a-hole. If it were me running, I’d instantly assume everyone else on the trail agreed because I’m sensitive about that kindof thing anyway.

    I hate hanging out on the beach too, except to read. And even then the sun tires me out, I can’t do it all day.

    It’s hard to strike up a convo w/a woman on the beach but maybe “hey, do you want to grab some ice cream?” would do it. I know I’d bite at that one!

  10. You should’ve hit that young a-hole with your bike! What a douche.

    This was a fun one to read – like Geekhiker twitter. 🙂

  11. You’re a… guy?


    My days of laying all day at the beach are over. Ever had a WHOLE body sunburn? Yeah, NOT FUN.

  12. oooooooooooh ice cream! yum! you should totally ask one of those young 20somethings out! go for it! And get a new bike seat too!

  13. K – Well, I wouldn’t want to interrupt their volleyball game…

    Mrs Chuck Bartowski – Deal! Wait, there’s such a thing as boring sex?

    Ms H – One can only hope!

    Homer-Dog – I keep wondering. I will, definitely.

    Just A Girl – Is that what it is…

    East Coast Teacher – I don’t think she heard him. Nope, one scoop. But I did have a waffle cone. 😉

    CharlotteHarris – I know you would have taken him down. Nah, I always walk the bike. The police station is built right over the path!

    Dingo – Sadly, judging by his frat boy/beach boy look, I’m sure he is…

    Spleeness – Well, it was pretty rude. I keep wanting to try the whole reading at the beach thing, but I think I need the giant umbrella so I don’t get burnt to a crisp

    Mel Heth – Meh, he wasn’t worth turning back for

    Wendy – I know, shocking. No, never quite a whole body one. But that’s why they make sunscreen.

    Ruby – LOL – I’ll add it all to my to do list!

  14. 140$ ? Ouch

  15. “They play volleyball, or just lay about. How do they stay in such damn good shape?”
    umm, are you saying that playing volleyball doesn’t keep you in shape? when you finally get over to nyc i’ll take you to my monday night volleyball and then you can tell me otherwise. if you can catch your breath that is 🙂

  16. Funny post dude.

    You should just ask the young girls out! Approach them and say something nice. Keep the conversation going…offer ice cream…be nice…be funny (as you are) AND your efforts bear fruits! :-))

  17. If the chicks on “The Hills” are any indication of hot 20 year olds, then having sex with them will sound like this:

    -Don’t mess up my hair!
    -Or my makeup!
    -Do you have a video camera in here?
    -Did you know your socks don’t match your boxers?
    -After the sex we need to have lowfat soy lattes with triple foam espresso on Rodeo

  18. As with many of your followers, I think I’ve developed a little crush on you. I found your blog trying to figure out how to get to cooper canyon falls. I’ve been reading your posts for…too long.

    I live by the beach in socal, and have asked myself the question about people walking on the BIKE path a million times. I finally decided they are illiterate. My favorite is when there is a group walking, not off to one side, but creating a human chain across the path. Really? Just once I’d love to stub a toe.

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