Posted by: GeekHiker | May 21, 2009

How I Will Get Every Woman Who Stops By This Blog To Love Me

I will simply post this link.

I know.  I’m amazing.

Limit is 250,000 per day.  Better get going.


  1. Awww, GH, you’re too good to us…

    No need to post this link, I love ya, anyway 🙂

    And as soon as I find a lady out this way who loves to hike as much as you do, I shall send her to L.A. clad only in hiking boots and a pretty red bow 😉

  2. And what about us Canadians?!?! Hmph.

  3. Oh, GH, I love you anyway, but WOOHOO!!! CHOCOLATE!!!

  4. Mmmmmmmmm chooooocolate…

  5. I already loved you but NOW it’s evolved into something even deeper…!

  6. Um, do you have something for those of us who are not all that fond of chocolate? Just wondering… 🙂

  7. Oh, My geekiness…you underestimate the female love of hiking….Of course, I love chocolate as well, but if given the choice of having to give up hiking or chocolate….they make vanilla ice cream!

  8. you know your way into a girl’s heart! tee hee xoD

  9. I loved you more when you didn’t taunt me with free chocolate I can’t have.

  10. ECT – So generous!

    Mrs Chuck Bartowski – I, er, uh, sorta forgot to check that. *blush*

    Lea – *grin*

    Mel Heth – Well, we know where your head’s at. 😉

    Spleeness – LOL, cool!

    Kori – A woman not fond of chocolate? Never heard of such a thing. 😉

    Hebba – True, but I can’t send a link to a hike!

    Narami – Well, on the internetz I do

    Ruby – Sorry. Write to them and demand equal treatment!

  11. Mars chocolate at that. How did I miss this???

  12. Cripkitty – That’s why I’m here.

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