Posted by: GeekHiker | May 31, 2009

Well, Crap

(I may be repeating myself here, I really don’t remember.  Locals may want to skip this post, as they are already very familiar with the phenomenon…)

Here it comes again.  May gray.  June gloom.  Ugh.

Or, as I prefer to think of it, a little bit of hell thrown into daily living by the universe.

I’ve talked about it before, during a November stretch, but May and June are the worst.  It’s the time of year when the June Gloom phenomenon settles in, and a high fog settles over the entire basin.

It’s not even cool, hip fog.  You know, the type that sits close to the ground and drifts through the trees.  The kind that makes it feel like a giant blanket has settled in.  The kind that makes for interesting photography because you can create shots that make the viewer wonder what lies out there, enveloped in the mist.

That, unfortunately, is not what this is.

No, June Gloom is a layer of clouds that sits between about the 1,000 and 2,000 foot elevations.  Just an expanse of gray sky from horizon to horizon.

Unlike storm clouds, it’s totally, utterly featureless.  I think that’s the thing about it that bugs me.  It’s not like any other kind of weather (and I do rather enjoy weather variety), it’s just totally, utterly lifeless.

And this time of year, it can settle in for days.  And when it settles in for that long, it can have a definite effect on my mood.

Saturday wasn’t too bad, as I spent the day indoors cleaning, reorganizing, and watching movies.  But today, I needed my shot of Vitamin D.  And some blue sky.


Of course, when I pulled up the weather map showing the cloud layer, this was what I saw:

foggy day
Sunday morning gray

Yes, it’s exactly what it looks like.  A belt of fog stretching all along the coast, for miles inland.  By all appearances, the closest place to see sun was… Joshua Tree.

Was I able to escape?  For a few hours, yes, because I’m, well, me, and I know the places to go.

Shame that I have to go to work under this crap for the next five days.




  1. LOL — I was asking you about June Gloom before reading this post! Great minds and all! 🙂

    Sorry it’s so crappy there right now. But hey, according to Wikipedia “It is often cited as a time of depression.” Well, how about the 8 months of rain as “times of depression”, or my city being called America’s Unhappiest City ( ) (when were we demoted from “Most livable City” to “Most Miserable City?”) Geeez… Hopefully come July (and then the rest of the year) you will get your Vitamin D again!

  2. I’m so with you on this. I hate June Gloom with a passion. I was so sad this weekend looking out my window and seeing grey.

    However, the fog broke up a bit and I took my niece hiking this afternoon. Thought of you – we went to Mt. Lowe. It was nice, but of course the view wasn’t as good as usual because of the residual haze.

  3. June Gloom. Now that’s something about southern California that I do not miss.

  4. That’s gross. But I suppose that’s the trade off for having great weather, a lovely beaches, and fantastic hikes the rest of the year.

    But it reminds me of Stephen King’s novella “The Mist.” Be careful!

  5. You know, when DC got named the healthiest city…I was blown away. I figured that LA would be high up there, San Fran, Seattle, you know the likes…but when my backyard got called up I was dying to know the characteristics?

    You know what one of them was? We lack fog to a certain extent (but October man it’s cool around here we get lurky fog like you described) because we have low air pollution. Now, I don’t know quite what they’re talking about because my town, a mere 30 miles north was thrown down to 19, but just sayin’. It’s hard, because people anticipate June as being the break from the cold crappy weather.

    Although I never figured that LA had that type of weather…learn something new everyday. 🙂

  6. Just about to post about the best parts of summer starting. I challenge you to flip the June Gloom into something positive and come up with your own!

  7. Oh, I’ll take June Gloom over January-freeze-your-tuckas-off weather any day!!

  8. i’ve never heard of that but it would affect me too. i get all mopey in the dreary months. then again, you don’t have a real winter, right? it’s probably still better than seattle rain.
    remind me again why i want to move to the west coast.

  9. K – Rain I can handle, at least like it was growing up, where storms would move through, then be followed by blue skies. But I definitely need more rain in my life.

    Mel Heth – You’re lucky you live a bit inland!

    Homer-Dog – I’d imagine so!

    Dingo – I suppose, but I miss weather sometimes…

    CripKitty – 30 miles apart? That’s just… odd.

    BackPackerMomma – The problem is, the seasons are so subtle here, that’s a difficult post to write.

    Hebba – True, but I think it helps you respect summer more that most do…

    BlakSpring – Yeah, Seattle might not be the best for you, ya know?

  10. […] You know what’s something I don’t miss about living in Los Angeles?  June Gloom.  That low deck of gray clouds that tends to hang out all day during May and June in coastal Los Angeles (I’ve even griped about it before). […]

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