Posted by: GeekHiker | July 8, 2009

Is It Wrong?

Now that all is said and done (well, except the protracted legal battle, that is), can I just ask: is it wrong that I felt so little about the whole MJ thing?

Is it wrong that I didn’t feel the whole rush of feelings that everyone interviewed on TV felt?  That I didn’t feel fundamentally shaken by his passing?

That, while I’m sorry for his family’s loss (as I would be for anyone’s), his death didn’t have much impact on my life?  Had no desire to watch the funeral at Staples Center on TV, much less rush down there myself?

Is it wrong that I found myself disgusted by the news cycle, pushing his story above and beyond all other happenings in the world?

That I found myself frustrated, searching, scrolling down past the massive headline headers about MJ on news sites to find news on the protests in Afghanistan, the riots in China, or our President’s trip to Russia to debate the fate of the two largest nuclear arsenals in the world?

That I found myself more interested in the story of Robert McNamara’s passing?  That the story of the man on whose conscious rested the death of thousands in Vietnam, and his attempts to reconcile that both in the world at large and in his own mind, is more fascinating to me than the trials and tribulations of MJ?

Does it make me cold?

Or is it, maybe, just maybe, because I didn’t have MTV growing up?



  1. If you are wrong for feeling that way, than so am I and a lot of people I know. It’s the loud ones you hear, and I don’t know any one who was saying loudly “I don’t give a shit!”. I’m willing to bet you are in the majority.

  2. I thought it was just me. 😉

  3. You are not alone. My TV was off most of Tuesday.

  4. What disgusted me the most is how the media handled the whole MJ saga: when MJ was still alive, it was all about the “scandals” (you can literally see and hear the glee from “journalists” that didn’t give a damn about anything) and now that he is dead, it’s all about how glorious he was. How hypocritical! For the media, everything is a SHOW — whatever that keeps the rating up is King. I didn’t watch the memorial either — those people make me sick.

  5. Is it wrong that I kept saying to people, “I thought the REAL Michael Jackson died in like 1995”?

    The whole thing did seem like a bit much…

  6. If every one subscribed to every media frenzy…well I hate to think what would become of society. I think sometimes people forget about the concept of respect and privacy.

  7. So damned tired of the media circus. 😦 I was hearing about MJ even THIS MORNING.

  8. Why does the mass media seem so disjointed from what the masses want? Or are those of us who are thoughtful and intelligent so few and far between?

  9. No, everyone can feel however they want. (Which will mean of course, that the rest of the people that DID felt ‘marked’ by his passing aren’t wrong either.)

    It IS wrong though that you didn’t had MTV growing up, if that was the case 😛

  10. I was dismayed at his passing and even more upset at the circus, grandstanding, and fake affection displayed by “friends” and family.

  11. I too am surprised by the outpouring of adoration. I don’t wish him harm but I mean, he DID have issues and what about that whole child molestation thing? I didn’t watch the ceremony.

  12. The answers to your questions are a resounding no.

    No, No, No, No, No.

    No, No, No, No, No, No.

    And I don’t know. Maybe. Because I didn’t have MTV either. I *was* shocked to hear that he died so young but I think it is fitting his legacy of music that he was gone before he could go the way of Cher and Madonna; poppy saccharine synthesized sweetness mass-marketed to a new generation of not-really appreciative tweeny-boppers.

  13. Lea – Maybe it’s just the loud ones that get the camera time…

    Ms. H – Apparently not, judging by these comments!

    Homer-Dog – Sounds like a good plan

    K – Yeah, they kinda just ignored the last, oh, 10 years or so

    Mel Heth – Nah

    Lisa – Welcome to the site. I dunno, but I think we may find out soon enough…

    Woc – Ugh

    Ms Behaviour – I fear the latter, some days

    Narami – And I don’t mean to diss anyone who truly felt broken up over it, I think my beef was more with the media…

    Dingo – ‘Zactly

    Spleeness – I didn’t bring that up because the court decision exonerated him, so we have to trust that

    Ms Behaviour – LOL, I wasn’t expecting a point-by-point response! Cool!

  14. like other commentors said, the hypocracy of the media and the whole circus were ridiculous. i remember him for music that shaped my childhood; he was probably the first musician i listened to when i came to the US. also, it’s especially sad when anyone dies young and unexpectedly, but that doesn’t mean we all have to weep and moan and die a little inside.

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