Posted by: GeekHiker | July 14, 2009

Summer Cleaning

Occasionally one looks at one’s bookshelves and thinks “Hm, do I really need to be keeping that any more?”

Well, maybe not so much with books.  Heck, someday I would love to have a small house, with a really BIG library.  So there’s not many books I want to get rid of, naturally.

But magazines?  Especially old magazines, long past their expiration date?  Yeah, those are a little bit easier to get rid of.

Staring at the shelves the other day I found my eye stopping at a whole series of old American Cinematographer‘s from my illustrious (*cough*) college days as a film student, and figured that it was about time for them to go.  I then hit upon a plan: pull each one, and if there was an article in it that matched a movie who’s photography I wanted to learn more ab0ut, rent the movie from Netflix.

It might take a while, sure, but I figure I’ll get to see some good films and good lighting in the process (which can’t hurt my own photography, either).

Brilliant, no?

So I pulled the first four issues.

It started off well: the first issue contained “Murder In the First.”  I haven’t seen it, but the reviews are okay (about three stars out of four), so I figure “why not?”

Next up: “Apollo 13.”  Seen it, but maybe I’ll rent it again, just for kicks.

Then… “Batman Forever.”  Yes, the Val Kilmer/Joel Schumacker gaudy-colors-from-hell thing.  It… will not be going in the Netflix queue.

And finally… “Waterworld.”  ‘Nuff said.

Um. Hm.

This may not take as long as I thought…



  1. I have never seen any of those movies. I too would like a small house with a large library. I envision something along the lines of Liam Neeson’s character’s home in Love, Actually. White shelves and lots of great lighting and doors with clear glass so that my books don’t get dusty (I loathe dusting).

    Also, I’d love to have shelves under the stairs. Sorta like this:

    Or this:

  2. I never get magazines for that reason. Now books, on the other hand….it is like pulling teeth to get rid of a book!

  3. Ugh, I had to sit through Waterworld TWICE! Made me want to drown myself.

  4. What are some of movies with the best cinematography? My Netflix queue is gettin’ shorter and shorter coz I feel as if I had run out of movies to see!

    I’d love to have Ms. Behavior’s bookshelves in the first link (and the lighting), except that I would like to sit in front of a window with a good view (garden, trees, lake, ocean, whatever)! Ah… dreams…

  5. I used to keep books until I realized that I never once sat down to re-read one. Soon afterward I opened a account and started selling them.

  6. Are you sure the magazine isn’t called American Craptographer?

  7. The only one out of your list that I have actually seen is Waterworld. I didn’t love it. Let us know what you think of all these when you see them. 🙂

  8. Um, I saw Batman Forever 4 times in the theater. I was 19. Chris O’Donnell was cute. There was a rubber suit involved. What can I say…?

  9. Fact: I love Kevin Costner in unhealthy amounts but haven’t made it through all of Waterworld yet. I keep falling asleep.

  10. Oh Kevin Costner. You do try hard, don’t you?

  11. Ms Behavior – Do they have the lottery up there? Your mansion awaits!

    Kori – Well, you’ll note I didn’t mention anything about getting rid of my Backpackers…

    Dingo – What prompted that torture?

    K – Have you started going back to the classics? Lawrence of Arabia? Black & White films?

    Homer-Dog – Nooooo!

    BlakSpring – LOL Seriously, though, I’m guessing that in publishing you simply have to try to predict what’s going to be a hit several months ahead of time. That’s the film you want on the cover to sell issues at newstands. Sometimes, though, one misses…

    Spleeness – But… but… I’m already behind on hiking posts as it is!

    Mel Heth – I suppose that might be allowed…

    Brandy – Totally understandable

    Charmacc – Welcome to the blog. He does. Maybe if he let himself age like Eastwood…

  12. charmacc aka backpackermomma. hey. just a title change.

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