Posted by: GeekHiker | August 10, 2009

Oh, Yeah, I’ve Got A Blog

Oh, hey, how ya ‘doin?

Yeah, I’ve got this blog here, see, but seems I’ve been ignoring for the past few days, haven’t I?

Terribly rude of me.

I suppose sometimes the mind just demands one take a break from certain mental activities.  Whether I’d planned it or not seems not to matter.

Actually, I’ve been deeply up-and-down for the better part of the last week or so.  Wait, is it actually possible to be deeply up-and-down?  Hmmmmm…

Happens every year around this time.  I think I described it best in my post from last year:

This seems to have been the course of things for the last couple of years: I get a little down for the time leading up to my birthday, then the actual day comes around, and I feel okay. I don’t totally understand it, but describing it last night to The Best Friend, she commented “oh, yeah, I know exactly what you mean… same thing happens to me.”

So, yeah, same feeling hit me again this year exacerbated, no doubt (but I don’t think caused by) the sleeplessness I’d been suffering from.  And the birthday was the expected mix of good and bad, though perhaps more good, in the end, than the last couple of years.

And don’t forget the resultant bout of over-thinking and, well, you all know how that kind of thing goes.

I suppose I should write up something regarding my birthday last Friday, you know, for posteritys sake.  Seems I’m lacking in motivation at the moment, but I do rather think I should, just in case I want to look back on it years later.

Meh, I’m sure inspiration will come.

Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say “hey” to y’all.  There’s some posts in my head, and no dobut trails to be hiked, so I’m sure we’ll be back to the normally scheduled program before too long…



  1. A belated Happy Birthday! My bio-clock is still on Hawaii time so I am wide awake, despite the less than 3 hour sleep I got last night. Anyway, do write — I follow your blog religiously!

    For my birthday, I am more like down-and-flat/out, as in: total panic/dread/depression before the big day, then complete nonchalance and numbness (worn out by worries by then) on the actual day. I never celebrate my birthdays anymore — I just take the day off to brood/sulk on my own, or do a whole bunch of mundane stuff to fill the hours so I can get through the day without overthinking. BDs suck!

    Your post is stirring up some metaphysical crisis in me again! 😦

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, my friend – hope you were able to relax, recharge, and enjoy 🙂

  3. I, too, hope you are soon able to get some much needed sleep, and a happy belated birthday to you!

  4. Happy birthday from me too. I’m waiting on baited breath too, I love your blog postings whether they are thoughtful and mourning or adventurous and active. EIther way I always feel more thoughtful after I read them. So I’ll be here whenever you pop in. 🙂

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! 🙂

  6. Oh, my…I think I remember that post, so this is a happy birthday AND happy anniversary! Gift is in the mail. Well, no it’s not but if you ever make it to Austin I’m sure I could rustle something up.

  7. Deeply up and down would give you a high amplitude … uh … whatever that means. I have no idea.

  8. Sometimes birthdays just simply go by and you are just simply a little bit older. But like I said to a pal of mine, you can say that every single day that goes by.

    Go buy yourself a kite. I have just learned of its relaxing, theraputic properties. Trust me. Or if you don’t trust me, trust mck!

  9. hey, that’s the same feeling I get around the holidays … so I definately know how you feel. Even though Christmas is still my favorite holiday … I still feel the same way. Go figure … I know, I’m wierd! Doc tells me that all the time! Maybe I should find a new doc?!

  10. HI BACK TO YOU! You’ve been missed.

    And I hope you had a good one 🙂

  11. Up and down and I’m following on and off. Not because of you nor the blog though.

  12. Happy belated birthday! It’s interesting, I’ve been neglecting my blog recently as well. I will say that you’re a happy addition everytime I get a notification from ya tho, so I hope your day was ok. Things will hopefully be looking up from here. 🙂

  13. K – Thanks! Maybe the next one will be better. After all, you’ll most likely have someone to celebrate with!

    ECT – Thanks. I think I would need several months off to do that, though!

    Kori – The sleep is still something that comes and goes. Thanks for the wishes!

    Spleeness – Thanks. Heh – what if the posts are just boring?

    Imogen – Danke.

    TheCoconutDiaires – And what about the next time you’re in Southern California?

    Cmacc – A kite, eh?

    Dobegil – Not sure if that’s weird. I mean, if the majority of people feel it, doesn’t that become the new normal?

    Narami – Aw, shucks. And thanks.

    Gany – If there’s one thing I’ve learned in blog land, people come and go…

    CripKitty – Thanks. Hope so too…

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