Posted by: GeekHiker | August 23, 2009


Sometimes I just want to get away.

Just sell my furniture.  Quit my job.  Throw anything I want to keep in a storage shed.

Hit the road.  Travel the nation.  Avoid the interstates.  Stick to the backroads.

Park the truck.  Give my parents the keys.  Hop on a plane to somewhere. Anywhere.

Get away from LA.  See another city.  Somewhere different.  Maybe somewhere exotic.

Get away from the city.  Get back into nature.  Spend time in the desert, the mountains, the forest, the plains.

Get away from my life as it is now.

Get away from me as I am now.

And sometimes…

I just want to replace my ratty old couch with a nice, decent, comfortable, homey couch to come home to and relax on after a long day at work.

Sadly, I end up doing neither, because I can never decide which path to take.



  1. Even a world traveler needs a comfy couch to come home to. You should take both paths.

  2. I vote for the travel and see the world path…and then, when you’re done with it and ready to choose a place as “home”….make sure you get a really great couch.

  3. sounds like someone needs a vac of the spontaneous variety ^_^ Maybe you could go somewhere exotic and *buy* a new couch???

  4. Isnt it crazy to be so torn and not be able to committ to doing either? I’m right there with you my friend.

  5. Read this sometime

    it made me want to do just that.

  6. Do the travel! What’s holding you back? 🙂 If I had nothing to lose and all the freedom in the world, that is, if I were you (have enough money, nobody in my current city that I will miss if I leave — I have, and freedom to quit my job — I don’t), I’ll start planning.

    The most difficult part is “gettin’ started.” Don’t underestimate the power of inertia! Once you start the planning, doors start to open, and you’ll be really startin’ the new chapter of your life!

  7. What about both? A nice couch from Craigslist AND the plane ticket?

  8. I agree with both, take a cheap short trip, like hiking or camping. Then buy a comfy sofa that’s on sale…

  9. Travel! If you can (financially, I mean) do it! No question. I guarantee that the traveling will be much more rewarding than the couch.

  10. Don’t buy the couch. You’re the kind of guy who can sleep on a thermarest on top of rocks. Couch schmouch. Go see someplace new. Indulge the wanderlust. The new couch will be there for you someday when you get back.

  11. Homer-Dog – You make a very good point. Now this world traveler just needs to be rich!

    Ruby – Not a bad plan. Now I just have to figure out where to start…

    M4891 – Maybe. I wonder how much it is to ship a couch from New Zealand? I don’t think I can get it in the overhead compartment… 😉

    BackPackerMomma – Finally, a fellow soul!

    Narami – I’ll have to read that blog more in-depth, figure out just how she did it…

    K – Uh, having a stable job in a crappy world recession? Lack of funds to just quit and leave? Geez, I really need tow in the lottery…

    Spleeness – Wait, wasn’t your Craigslist couch a horror story?

    Jean9 – Maybe, but the short trip just doesn’t feel like “enough”, you know?

    Dingo – Will it? How do you know?

    Mel Heth – Yeah, but I’d still like something comfy when I watch movies from Netflix, ya know?

  12. GH- I don’t get away that much so two or three days of just being away from everything always does a little bit of good. I havent been on a trip longer then three days in About 4 years…

  13. here’s me being a broken record – GO TRAVEL DUDE. of course i’m biased because it’s my only addiction (besides sugar) but i think it is good for people to get out there and do something completely different, see different things and people and landscapes. DO IT!!!

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