Posted by: GeekHiker | August 28, 2009

Stop-Motion World

For those of you of a certain age, remember shows like “Land of the Lost“?  Specifically, the stop-motion dinosaurs that they had on the show, with the shallow depth-of-field and jerky motions that screamed, well, “stop-motion dinosaurs.”

What if our world were not our world at all, but instead we were all just stop-motion puppets?  Miniatures played with by the hands of some giant, unseen animator, and all our actions occurred and that jumpy stop-motion way?

Australian photographer Keith Loutit has envisioned just that, by way of a camera outfitted with a tilt-shift lens.  The first time I saw these, I sat in my chair with my jaw dropped, thinking at first it was the most complex and detailed miniature I’d ever seen, then realizing what it really was.  The effect, I think, is pretty amazing.

(If your connection can handle it, I highly, highly advise watching these full screen in HD.  And definitely have the sound on!)

You can see the rest of his vids here, and they’re all pretty impressive. I have to admit, it seriously makes me want to go drop a grand on a tilt-shift lens without thinking twice.

What I really like about Loutit’s work is that, in addition to the fantastic photography, he cuts it to music, and pretty darn good music at that.  Thus I discovered two new artists: Megan Washington and The Basics.  The full music videos for the animations above are below.

Washington – “Clementine”

The Basics – “With this Ship”

I actually like both versions of “With this Ship” a lot.  I don’t know why, but I’ve been listening that song quite a bit lately, even though the subject matter of the song doesn’t really seem to apply to my single life. I suppose there must be some meaning to that, but beats me what it could be.

Anyway, happy Friday!



  1. Earlier this summer one of the stations had a Land of the Lost marathon. I had just as much fun watching them as I did the first time. They have successfully made their way in to campy and cult favorite.

    The With this Ship clip is great!

  2. very cool!

    how did you find this?

  3. So fun! When I was in grad school, I always thought it would be brilliant to do presentations with puppets, but my classmates said it was too weird. I still dont’ understand what would be weird about it. Would you rather have some ordinary gal talk about counseling theory or a super cool puppet?

    I apologize for the randomness. I think stop motion was always impressive. Jason and the Argonauts…

  4. Dingo – LOL, I watched the same marathon. Which version of With this Ship did you prefer?

    M4891 – I think I found it through Bob Harris’ site originally. Ooh, geek toy!

    MissMcCracken – Puppet away! I mean, heck, it worked for Henson. 🙂

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