Posted by: GeekHiker | September 17, 2009

California Geek

So, after I wrote this post, in which I discussed the ever-fascinating topic of flame-lengths, I know everyone had one basic question on their minds:

How in the hell does he know this random stuff?

Okay, an admission, I’m not just a geek.  I’m a California geek. *

I’ll freely say it, I find a heck of a lot of things about my native state fascinating.  I read histories, books about the natural environment, stories about it.  I visit California historical sites, museums, parks, and have a difficult time resisting stopping at every historical marker as I drive around.

Hell, I once even read a 700 page history on the Transcontinental Railroad.  Then again, I guess that’s not wholly unexpected for someone who grew up in Sacramento, the western terminus of the railroad.

Point is, in addition to hiking and movies and computers and the whole slew of other interests I have, this big ‘ol fascinating (and often very messed-up) state is one as well.

Oh, the fire information?  It’s because I read this book:

Introduction to Fire in California Cover

Not only that, I’m such a geek for my state, I have an entire collection of books:

Natural History Guides Collection

They’re all part of the California Natural History Guides series published by the UC Press.  If there’s an aspect of California’s environment or history that interests you, chances are they have a book on it.  Not just a book, but a well-written, well-illustrated book on it.  Their topical books will teach you a lot, and their field guides are just about perfect.

Now, as to whether my geeky love of California is a quality that would ever be found remotely attractive by the fairer sex, well, I suppose that’s debatable. 😉

(And, while putting together this post, I found out UC Press is having a sale!  I’m guessing a few new natural history guides will by filling my shelf soon. :D)

* I also seem to absorb random facts on a whole variety of subjects.  Should I go on Jeapordy?  Nah.  I don’t know anything about 14th century French kings.



  1. Will you be my teammate if we ever play Trivial Pursuit: The California Edition? I’ll take the Hollywood and film questions, you get everything else.

  2. I like those books!! I bet the pictures are gorgeous (in colors, right?)!

  3. You are officially now my favorite blogger on the internet. Way cool! I love it that you read all this stuff. I had no idea that flames couldn’t be put out if they were over 11 feet tall, I love interesting facts like this. Great post!

  4. Oh, good lord, you just made my heart go pitter pat! (I’m not quite sure if it was for the author of the post or for the books featured in it, though)

  5. I’m sorry, my short LA attention span cannot comprehend your ability to read 700-page books. 🙂 I’m very impressed that you can commit to this sort of stuff – and I know who I’m going to call if I ever need to know anything about my home state in the future.

  6. Was it “that” surprising? California is bound to be burdened by fires every summer, therefore I find it quite normal if local inhabitants know something about them.

  7. I too had a head full of facts. Your facts seem to be useful. Mine are just … random.

  8. the only things i randomly remember are lyrics to awful 80’s songs. your california trivia is way better and surely comes in handy sometimes. there’s not much i can do with Lisa Lisa nad Cult Jam’s “Lost In Emotion”. have you considered writing your own book?

  9. I find it difficult to believe you are single. But then again, I’m single. Sometimes we awesome people are just overlooked 🙂

    it IS pretty cool how much you know about things. Very admirable. 🙂 I tend to be more….fuzzy about details, and more emotionally based. 🙂

    I like smileys 🙂

  10. Dingo – I’m there!

    K – Pictures in color, graphs, charts, all sorts of fun, geeky things

    Spleeness – Aw, shucks, thanks. I’m full of those interesting facts, ya know. 😉

    Hebba – Oh, I’m sure it was for the books 😀

    Mel Heth – LOL, well, it was off and on over a year! Sure, give me a ring

    Gany – Actually, it was pretty surprising. A lot of people don’t know about their immediate environment

    Homer-Dog – Random is good

    BlakSpring – I remember those too! Sure, are you a publisher?

    MissMcCracken – I think you just made me blush.

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