Posted by: GeekHiker | December 14, 2009

Mental Survival

Last week was the twisted event of my office Holiday Party.

Not familiar with that particular demented occurrence?  Take a few minutes and peruse this post from a couple of years ago.

There were no fights or arguments this year, thankfully.  All-in-all, it went remarkably smooth and peacefully.

The weird thing for me was how detached I was from the whole thing.

Seriously, it was like I was there, but I wasn’t really there, know what I mean?  The game started and I continued to enjoy my lunch.  I never rolled a successful roll, thankfully, so I never had to get up and join in the, er, “fun”.  No one came over to examine my presents to see if there was anything worth taking though, honestly, I wouldn’t have cared one way or the other if they had taken what was in front of me.

It wasn’t quite the same as being in a daze, but kind of close.  The game was going on around me, but I wasn’t a participant as much as an observer, watching it play out without being a part of it.  Almost as if I was watching the whole thing through one-way glass or on television.

Maybe it’s just because I’ve watched the game for so many years that it simply no longer holds much interest for me.  Or maybe I’ve become jaded.  Or maybe I was tired. Or maybe it was some sort of mental defense mechanism.

Or maybe it was the fact that, for the first time ever, I decided to get a beer with my lunch.

It’s hard to say, really…



  1. Oh my gosh, that’s a horrible game!

    While normally I would say it’s not good to be detached from social events, I have to support your decision to enjoy your beer rather than play in the Festive Edition of office snark.

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  3. this holiday party doesn’t sound very fun. should have had at least three beers with lunch. just kidding, sort of. could it be that you have been at this job for too long and you subconsciously want a change?

  4. If someone had rolled the dice and decided they wanted to come after my beer, there would’ve been a fight.

  5. Man I wish I could drink during work hours.

  6. Dude…this sounds like an episode of the Office. I could definitely see Michael Scott watching everyone fight over gifts, with one person taking home a dozen of them.

    Way to go on the lunchtime beer!

  7. I guess that’s the best attitude anyone could have had. Honestly though, I would consider switching jobs for that reason only.

  8. One beer is never enough during Christmas “parties” and this comes from a guy who doesn’t drink.

  9. Nothing wrong with a bevvy at lunch and youre one up on me, I don’t go to our work party. I see those people enough as it is. And Pat would never go. Blech.

  10. wow, can’t believe i didn’t comment on the original post. that sounds downright sadistic …

    a friend of mine recently went to a holiday party with a friend of hers who works at the US Embassy. there was a white elephant gift exchange, and she opened up a very nicely wrapped pack of condoms. why would anyone think that’s appropriate for a work holiday party with coworkers??

  11. but how many gifts you got? xoD hee.

  12. MissMcCracken – Indeed. I tried my best to avoid, though I felt pretty snarky about it all myself!

    BlakSpring – Yeah, but I wanted to be able to drive home!

    Dingo – Yeah, definitely a fight!

    S’Dizzle – Well, we did close the office for the afternoon…

    MelHeth – I think having Michael there would have given the whole thing more logic!

    Gany – LOL, I don’t think one day is worth going to that much trouble

    Homer-Dog – *chuckle*

    CMACC – Spouses aren’t invited to this little bash

    Seine – Hmmmm… you may have given me an idea for next year… 😉

    Narami – only three…

  13. Late again, but better than never! I am not into work parties either — you should write a short story based on your “office space” (or “the office”) moment! It’ll be hilarious!

  14. Huh. I would probably be sufficiently subconsciously annoyed that I wouldn’t WANT to participate. I prefer games that involve everyone or no one.

  15. My work has the same horrid tradition at our Holiday Party. Management doesn’t throw in “ringers,” but half the people defy the $10 max and bring nice gifts which are, of course, painful to get taken away. Plus everyone brings their +1, so you get your gifts stolen by a coworker’s creepy grinning husband. Sadistic!

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