Posted by: GeekHiker | January 27, 2010

Really? You’re Gonna Call It That?

As a computer guy, I’ll admit that my feelings about Apple are mixed.

I admire their operating systems, which are very stable and efficient.  I usually detest their hardware design, not being a big fan of all-white, “futuristic” looking things.  I’ll never forget the round mouse, where you never knew where the top was.  And, honestly, I just can’t get behind any device that I can’t replace the battery in (I’m ‘lookin at you, iPod).

Still, even though I work with PC’s most of the time, I have to admit begrudging admiration for a company that can cause such a stir whenever they come out with a new product.

So, today they came out with the iPad.  Which… did they just say “hey, we need a size between the iPhone and a laptop?”  I have to say, I’m underwhelmed.

I do always love the selling points for these things, though.  Like when it was proposed you can prop it up in the kitchen with a recipe on the screen while cooking.  I don’t know about you, but if I were to drop $700 on an electronic device, there’s no way in hell it’d be anywhere near where I’m cooking.  One hot oil drop leaping out of a pan and it’s buh-buy pretty touchscreen.

Plus, after millions of dollars in development, couldn’t they have come up with a better name?  I keep thinking “landing pad” or “lily pad” and envisioning a frog landing on top of the screen and saying “Niiiice, think I’ll stay a while.”

Still, I did find the reaction of the fairer sex, who interpreted the name in a way that I, as a guy, never would have, to be pretty funny.  So it was that today I sat in my office listening to a group of women outside my door giggling and tossing out alternative low-brow names such as iTampon, iTampax, iMaxipad…



  1. I kinda thought the ipad was a souped up version of the kindle or those little netbooks….it’ll be interesting to see the new apps and how they capitalize on the extra screen real estate…do you have any idea of processing power?

  2. I’ve heard the iMaxipad can only run one application at a time. That’s the killer for me. Lame. No listening to music while surfing.

    • no kidding?! how are they going to build from their itunes/app store monopoly?

      • I have since learned that you can listen to music while doing something else, but that’s it. Still no real multiprocessing.

  3. Yeah. I really find the name to be yucky, and I read that it’s not that snazzy to work with either.
    So all the yucky with out the snazzy. That’s my impression. 🙂

  4. I am a big Apple fan. After being tortured for years by Windows and its stupid crashes and patches
    (not offense the PC fan you 😉 and then took the plunge to switch, I haven’t looked back. However, I am not getting the iPad (too big for convenience, and too small for comfort).

    And yes, the “pad” association also flashed through my mind the moment I heard it. Ew! Seriously, what an awful name!

  5. I agree with the name. I guess they were hoping that only changing one letter (iPod to iPad) would get people to instantly start buying. It’s a tempting new market they’ve started to explore but I think they have a lot more work to do when it comes to the device itself and their marketing campaign.

  6. I tend to think anything from Apple is overexpensive and/or overpretentious. I’ve used an Apple before and haven’t been impressed.

    • Out of the box, for email/word processing/presentation stuff, yes. And very definitely overpriced

      What’s really great is when you get into the unix guts and glory. Alas, I am poor and have to make do with linux/ubuntu hijack (very much a DIY approach)

  7. no women in the naming department, that’s the only thing I thought when I saw the name.

    and yes, everyone is talking about how it’s too big to be portable and too small to be useful, but I think as it happened before with so many other apple products, people will want it. no one NEEDS it, but it will be wanted.

  8. M4891 – No idea about the processing power. I didn’t research it that much because, although I love new toys, I have zero interest in getting one!

    Homer-Dog – Well, then it’s just a big ‘ol iPod!

    MissMcCracken – LOL

    K – Bad news for ya: Apple’s will crash too. 😉 It’s not so much that I’m a PC “fan”, it’s simply that I work in a business environment with the machines every day. As for the name, maybe they had no women on the committee?

    Ecmoore19 – Welcome to the site. There’s a part of me that’s starting to wonder if maybe Apple is just thinking they can sell anything just by putting an “i” in the name!

    Gany – I agree that it’s too expensive!

    Narami – No doubt! There is definitely that group of Appelites who will buy anything with a bitten, multicolored apple on it, won’t they?

  9. the twitter trend for ipads is already iTampon 🙂 i was underwhelmed as well, not sure what all the hype is about.

    but then again, the iphone was also heavily criticized before people actually got one in their hands.

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