Posted by: GeekHiker | February 5, 2010

Quick Question

Just a quick question on a Friday: do any of my wonderful, talented readers know Adobe Illustrator?

I took a class several years ago, but I find myself a bit rusty and in need of some help…

Whatever the case, have a great Friday!


  1. i’m decent at the generals … what’s troubling you?

  2. you should ask my son, as he teaches it at the community college…

    • let me know and I can send you his email.

  3. I’m only good at real people illustrating, not that computer genius stuff. 🙂 Hope you got the answers you were looking for!

  4. Seine – I’ll e-mail ya!

    Dobegil – Seine beat ya to it! But if my puzzle flummoxes both of us…?

    MissMcCracken – Well that’s better than me, as I have no drawing skills whatsoever!

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