Posted by: GeekHiker | February 25, 2010

Quicky Sicky Post

Hey all – Just a quick post here.  Sorry.

I’m still in Vancouver, playing tourist now that we’ve been to all the events we had tickets for.  Lots to say but, unfortunately, I’ve come down with a cold.  I’m currently draining like the Mississippi and coughing with such force it feels like being punched in the chest.

So a long post just isn’t gonna happen.  Heck, I’m not even going to reply to comments (which I always do) on the last couple of posts until I get back.

Until then: a few lessons from the Winter Games:

Vancouver Olympics a
The Skeleton people are insanely fast, and quite possibly insane.

Vancouver Olympics b
Curling: more interesting than you might think. Also: the girls are often pretty cute.

Vancouver Olympics c
Olympic Rings over water: always good.

Vancouver Olympics d
The Olympic Torch: there’s a part of you thinking “all these years on TV, and I’m really here?”

Vancouver Olympics e
Womens’ Hockey may not get the respect it deserves, which is a shame because, believe me, you do not want to be between these women and the puck. They WILL take. You. DOWN.

More to come when my fever goes down a bit…



  1. Yay pictures! Dude get better fast! Virtual hug goes your way, it really sucks to get sick on a trip.

  2. Not only will they take you down, they probably laugh at you as they skate away.

    Hope you get to feeling better…SOON! If you’ve never used a sinus rinse, it will be your salvation from a super-dry hotel room. I promise!

  3. Oh nooo! I hope you feel better.

  4. Awww… sorry to hear that you are sick! Hope you feel better soon and get to enjoy the tourist part!

    Oh jeez… Skeleton as a sport? Never heard of it till now. Just googled it — very cool!

  5. Canada women take hockey GOLD!!!! Against, um, the US. Sorry. But GOLD!!!

  6. This is so cool, GH! Really awesome that you got to go up there. Hope you’re feeling better by the time you return.

  7. Get better soon. It took me about a week to get over the bug that’s going around here. I hope you get through it faster.

    Awesome pictures!

  8. Beautiful pictures!

  9. Geez, that photo of the rings above the water is amazing. Then again, you know I have a thing for water.

  10. LOVE the pictures! I can’t even believe you went to the Olympics. Incredible

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  11. Awww poor GeeKHiker…

  12. Geekhiker, I am now SICK! SICK, do you hear me!? I am totally blaming YOU for this! Never mind that you have never actually been near me in person, I’m convinced you have figured a way to send an e-cold to me!! 😦


  13. dude, the photos are amazing. skeleton is really wild. i went sledding last week on a small hill and was freaked out as i sped down. i don’t know how those athletes do it.

  14. Narami – Yeah, but at least it was after all my events…

    Ms. H – Oh, they’ll laugh. Then drink you under the table! Thankfully, though, no hotel room.

    Miss McCracken – Thanks!

    K – Skeleton would be SO cool to try.

    CMACC – It’s cool, the game was great!

    Mel Heth – SO much planning involved, you have no idea…

    Homer-Dog – I’m still getting over it!

    TGAW – Thanks!

    TheCoconutDiaries – It was on a barge out on the bay, and would change color nightly. And when Canada won gold, it turned gold as well!

    WaitingForButterflies – It seems a bit dream-like, I must admit…

    DesertAspie – Don’t worry, I think I’ll live.

    MissMcCracken – SO not my fault!

    BlakSpring – Skeleton must be a pretty incredible adrenaline rush!

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