Posted by: GeekHiker | March 21, 2010

Loss Of Cred?

So, if I were to tell you that, Saturday, I headed out to Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space, that would be cool, right?

If I told you I went out with my camera and took pictures of the green springtime growth, that would be cool, right?

If I told you that I only took a few pictures, since the spring wildflowers haven’t started blooming yet, that would be cool, right?

And if I told you that I left my hiking boots at home and… uh… decided to bike the trail instead of hiking it… that would be cool, right?

I mean, I don’t have to hike every trail every time… right?  After all, I’m still outdoors, right?

Not convinced?

I can bribe you with pictures, right? 😉

Las Virgenes 2010 Photomerge 2
Looking east over the San Fernando Valley

Las Virgenes 2010 Photomerge 1
Looking west  & north over the canyon and rolling grasslands

Both pictures, if you’re curious, were taken from the same spot: on a ridge just south of the east parking lot, looking 180 degrees from each other.



  1. Wow, is that the sort of girl you meet when you go for hikes? No wonder like it! 😀

  2. I find biking to be a wonderful idea! Why not do something different? Look how Green the Valley is! I sigh with longing at such a sight.

  3. Nothing wrong with changing it up every now and then. The only problem with it I see is that it attracts women into 1-1 xxx.

  4. bike riding is awesome. why walk when you can get around faster while sitting?
    ps – that is some very detailed spam.

  5. oh, biking through the hills…heaven

  6. See?!!! THAT is the kind of trail that I would love to bike! It looks like you won’t die on it!

    Oh, and you have to answer that girl that commented first. ASAP.

  7. Yes, biking the trail is totally cool!! And I’m in love with the two pictures!

  8. I say any way you can get outdoors is an okay way. Looks like it was a beautiful day!

  9. Clarice – I could be wrong, but I think you just might be spam…

    SJ – Oh, yeah, totally.

    MissMcCracken – It’ll be green by you soon enough…

    Homer-Dog – It was a nice change but, you’re right, the company it brings in is odd…

    BlakSpring – So, wait, are you dissing hiking?

    Hebba – Especially on a warm spring day!

    Narami – LOL, there were a couple of hills I had to walk. As for the first commenter, I don’t think I’ll give her much response.

    WaitingForButterflies – It’s a good place to bike, esp. as I don’t have a true mountain bike!

    Mel Heth – You should’a been there!

  10. Hey Geek Hiker;

    I plan on hitting up Temescal in the Palisades on Saturday early evening, a very mellow but scenic hike, any idea if around sunset it’s too dark to appreciate the view and get around? I’ve actually never been there before, all these years hiking and as a LA native!

    Figured you might know!

  11. Hmmm… You should just go hiking with Ruth (if you haven’t already). Hehe…

    Biking is fun! I really enjoy it but since I don’t have a bike rack on my car, I am limited to the park in my neighborhood and can’t go anywhere else cool. Ugh!

  12. Love the pics as usual, but I got distracted with the first comment. All I could hear in my brain was, “Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away …”

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