Posted by: GeekHiker | March 25, 2010

Friday Sillyness: Response-In-Cheek

(This is kind of a response to a particular comment on this post from last month or, at least, that’s what inspired it…)

I think, perhaps, it’s time that I admitted something to all of you.

Something you may not have known about me.

Brace yourselves.

See, for all that I may appear here on the blog as a cultured, educated, caring, sensitive renaissance man, it’s just not always the case.  Yes, perhaps it seems that I’m a person who puts a lot of thought into things, who always acts from the intellectual perspective but, honestly, that’s only part of me.

See, sometimes, I’m just a guy.

A real, average, normal guy.

You had no idea, did you?

And in the spirit of full disclosure, I should probably admit to the following:

  • Sometimes, I look at women for their bodies, and don’t particularly care about whether or not they can make intelligent conversation.
  • Sometimes I think about boobs.
  • Sometimes my guy friends and I go to the bars and talk about women and how we’re attracted to them physically, how we think they’re “hot”.
  • Sometimes we point out hot girls to each other at said bars.  But we’re generally geeks, and don’t pick up girls in bars.  (Or maybe we try, and fail miserably.  I’ll let you decide.)
  • Sometimes I think about boobs.
  • Sometimes I lust after women that are younger than I am.  Oh, sure, I could go into the biological explanation, how I’m hard wired by evolution to find a younger or more suitable mate to bear my children and therefore pass my genetic code successfully on to future generations.  How this is similar to the way women generally look for males who they believe will be able to best help them support and raise children, and who can provide for said children in the best possible way (in L.A., this generally means having the largest wallet/most expensive car).  Blah, blah, frakkin-blah.  Yes, I could go on and on about how we’re really all biologically programmed for these things but, really, I’m just being a guy and, therefore, a pig.
  • Sometimes, I think about boobs.  (See?)
  • Sometimes, I am rather piggish indeed.  Like when I look out the window at work at the hot college girl walking across the street and think “damn, what I wouldn’t give…” while drooling on the windowsill.  I would whistle, as we all know every single guy in the entire world does (no exceptions, right?), but the windows don’t open.
  • Sometimes, I think about boobs.
  • Sometimes, when I ride my bike along the beach path, I look at the women in bikinis playing volleyball.  Even though I know they’re only college freshmen and I have no shot whatsoever with them, I look unabashedly from behind my sunglasses.
  • Sometimes, I think about boobs.
  • Sometimes, I enjoy it when actresses are naked in movies because they’re naked, whether or not it “contributes” to the damn plot.
  • Sometimes, I think about boobs.
  • Finally, yes: sometimes I find women attractive for their bodies instead of their minds because, as we all know, that’s all us guys do anyway, 100% of the time.

Some of you will be disappointed by all this, I know.  Knowing that, deep down, I’m just a guy.

I’m terribly sorry about that.


Oh, and sometimes?

Sometimes, I think about boobs.



  1. Hehehehe…..sounds like you’re Horny? SORRY to say but you SAID it; u think about boobs quite a lot on this post. I’m just thinking that because it’s LOGICAL. Am I correct?

  2. Silly man, were you dwelling on that comment this whole time?

    I don’t want to disappoint you by saying this, but I’ve been acutely aware of your dudeness this whole time. 🙂

  3. hehehehehehe….you said boobs……hehehehehehe

  4. ummm duh? your a guy no matter what, you guys all come like that. Was there ladies that thought otherwise?
    Oh man and you should hear the conversations girls have about guys while in the bar.

  5. So I take it you’re a boob man, huh? This post made me chuckle out loud. At jury duty. Thank you for brightening my day. And for admitting you’re not perfect. 🙂

  6. You made me brace myself FOR THAT. Of course you think about boobs. Or legs, whatever. I disagree about the “just” a guy part though, cause I think you are a special guy. Then again, I like geeks.

    Ha. I’m only seven (?) years younger, but I think I made the range xoD

  7. I read this post hoping to learn more about you but all I got was information I already knew 😉

  8. My wife keeps telling me they are just blobs of fat. She has no idea… 😀

  9. And now I need you to edit that last comment, because the shift key didn’t work and that small “s” at the start of the second sentence is annoying me because now it is not grammatically correct… 😀

  10. That’s a lot of boooooooobs!! It’s human nature to lust after beauty, whether it’s the beauty of nature or just another human being!

  11. not disappointed at all!

    men are men, and sometimes we women like to be told we look hot by men, regardless of how intelligent we may or may not be, or he may or may not be.

    sometimes, it’s just physical instinct, and i’m glad you are just a guy!

  12. Um, even *I* notice teh boobs. Nothing wrong with that! 😉

  13. dude, that comment was so stupid. some person that doesn’t even know you expected you to somehow not be a human male. i say good riddance.
    and if you stopped thinking about boobs then i’d be worried because that would be a sign of apathy or giving up.
    and volleyball players are totally hot. no wonder you stay in cali 🙂

  14. Nooooo, you have totally crushed my pristine image of you! J/K, I figured you appreciated a nice rack. I bet a few of those girls at the bar are hoping a sorta geeky dude(s) will approach them. If you and your guy friends spy a group of attractive women you should go for it.

  15. I’ve been away from blogland for awhile but this is the best post ever GH! Love it! And btw? Some of us like geeks. Approach us.

  16. DesertLamb – Horny, or just pushing a joke over the top? I’ll let you decide.

    MissMcCracken – Nah, the post just came to mind after I read it. Really?

    CMACC – He he, so I did!

    Jean – So, gonna share the details of these secret conversations?

    MelHeth – Actually, I’m more of a leg man, believe it or not.

    Narami – Aw, shucks, you made me blush. Of course you make the range!

    Homer-Dog – Am I that transparent?

    SJ – How wrong she is…

    SJ – Done!

    K – So, wait, I’m normal? Gawrsh…

    Seine – You mean all that “I want someone who likes me for my mind” isn’t true 100% of the time?

    Spleeness – If your man reads that, he’s gonna love you just that much more. 😉

    BlakSpring – Well, I promise not to post about them too often, but good to know I’m in the clear…

    S’Dizzle – If only my guy friends weren’t so much better looking than me, I might stand a chance…

    Ruby – Ruby! Where have you been? I assume by “us” you mean the one’s that are still single? 😉

  17. of course not … sometimes we just want to be thrown up against a wall and, well, you know 🙂

    could be just me, but i get the feeling i have like-minded sisters out there …

  18. Sure, how about meeting me for a drink?

  19. are you friends with Oddtodd? You appear to share a covalent brain!

  20. Seine – actually, I don’t know, that’s part of my problem in life.

    Jean – Might be fun. I know so little about you, though, mystery-girl…

    Hebba – never heard of him! I’ll have to check it out…

  21. email me, or Im on facebook too…

  22. Why do the words “High-Beams” keep coming to mind?

  23. Really Appreciate this post, can you make it so I get an email every time you publish a new article?

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