Posted by: GeekHiker | June 2, 2010

Bullet Points Of Craziness

Last night I tried to work on a post, and everything I wrote was utter crap.  Really, really horrific writing.  I think, perhaps, my heart wasn’t truly in it.

I’m juggling too much right now, I think.

So here’s the short story…

  • Massively busy at work. Big upgrade a-comin.
  • Trying to carve out time to study for a certification test (which, basically, amounts to attempting to shove the contents of an 800 page book into my skull).
  • Trying to carve out time to go to the gym.
  • Trying to carve out time to read.
  • Trying to carve out time to watch the occasional movie.
  • Trying to carve out time to run those everyday errands (like, you know, buying food).
  • Trying to carve out time to hang out with friends in the real world.
  • Trying to carve out time to read everyone’s blogs.
  • Trying to carve out time to get outdoors.
  • Trying to carve out time to write.
  • Trying to carve out time to plan my life and what the hell I’m doing with it.
  • Trying to carve out time… well, trying to let my feet heal properly, which’ll just take time.
  • Trying to carve out time to actually sleep in between all of the above.

Truth is, one of the things I miss the most is writing here on a regular basis.  However, when sitting down and writing becomes more pain-than-pleasure, when it feels truly like work, something is definitely amiss.

It’s becoming pretty clear that, unlike many of my fine readers, I’m just not able to effectively balance work, studies, social networking, friends, family, and all the rest of it.  I’m rather impressed that so many of you can.  Hell, some of you do it with kids in the picture, which kinda blows my mind.

What I’m trying not to do is overreact.  The urge to just stop blogging, emailing, socializing, etc. altogether is pretty strong at the moment, but I’m trying to push that option out of my head.  Anyone who’s read this blog from the beginning knows that I’ve come a long way from where I was then (just out of a relationship, with scant social life at all, either on line or in real life) to where I am now.  Going back to that point clearly isn’t the answer.  I just need to slow down the stress a bit.

So I think what I need to do, for a little while at least, is to withdraw and re-group.

  • Little or no blogging for a few weeks. At the moment, I’m studying 1-2 hours every night, and I’m so burned out by the end I have no energy to write.  Plus, if there’s one thing I’ve learned: going straight from reading a technical manual to trying to write creatively is almost totally impossible.  By the time I close the book, my brain is so fried I’m practically drooling.
  • Bail on the social networking sites.  For the moment at least, Betty White is right.
  • Stop making myself feel guilty if I don’t reply to e-mails right away (though I will try to keep up, natch).
  • I’ll try to keep up with everyone’s blogs, too (for now, that provides for a nice way to spend lunch at work and not think about, well, work).
  • Try to figure out how to keep the things I really want to do online (like blogging) and get rid of the stuff I don’t.

Hopefully it won’t last long.  I miss this place.  I miss writing hiking posts, miss giving into that urge to write down the post that flashes into my mind half-written, miss editing photos.  With a little luck it’ll be over quick and I’ll be back to writing here, and you’ll all be around on the flip side as well.

Yeah, it sucks.  Life’s just like that, sometimes.



  1. i hate having to find time to buy food! it’s so ironic that buying food is not really high on my priority list of things to do. if i wouldn’t die from lack of food, i don’t think i would buy any.

    sleep is important. sometimes it feels good to just say “f- it, i’m going to sleep, and tomorrow is another day.”

    good luck with everything! you can do it 🙂

  2. Wow, I was just wondering, what the heck why no posts for 3 weeks?! Glad that you are still alive, although on the brink of craziness 🙂

    I would say, dump Facebook, but blog for the fun of it (aka, write for yourself and don’t worry about us readers), but most importantly, take a deep breath here and there when cramming that book. You will do great!

    Good luck with everything and keep us posted (pun intended)!

  3. This post sort of echos my latest post. You are proof that single people actually CAN be busy…even if they don’t have a significant other and kids! Shocking…I know!

    You have every right to be tired and I think your plan sounds good!

    Good luck!

  4. Hi! I am your new fan! I now consult your reviews on hike trails before I decide on my next hiking adventure. so GRACIAS!

  5. Facebook can be such a time suck. I wonder if it was wise to join in the first place. Now I just lurk, mostly.

    Good luck with the balance act. It can’t be doing your foot any good.

  6. Do you really need your time to be wasted playing mafia wars, farmville or cafeville? I wonder how my co-workers have time during the day to do that when it’s my job to be on there and I have no time?!

    I personally only use facebook to pass along quick information to my current group of friends, share photos and find out about upcoming events that I may have not known about. Who needs 25 emails a day from promoters to go out to their cheesebag club night anyway?

    But yes I can relate. Maybe if were all to inherit a fortune we’d have all the time in the world for everything we want out of life. This is why it’s my goal to find me a really rich man.

    HAH!!!!!! 😉

  7. study at the gym, duh, take that book on the elliptical machine with you. then when you’re ready for some heavy lifting, you already have a 30-pound weight with you.

    seriously though, just focus on the test because that is important and don’t worry about keeping up with everything else. and one of my favorite ways to sneak “reading” in is with audio books. i always listen in the car.

  8. You need to breathe in some Nature. Go for a drive and find a little quiet spot, where you can find your balance. It helps me anyway =)

  9. I second Juliana: just breathe.

    And take your time. We’ll all still be here when you get back.


  10. Two things to say: 1) prioritize. I see the word test over there, that usually should be high on the list and occupying at least three consecutive spaces. 2) you are expecting things from your posts aren’t ya? you don’t just want to write, you want to write a certain king of post and that one doesn’t come. yep, we’ve bought that shirt. oh, the days when blogging was just fun!

    & about what Single and blogging it says: totally true. I find myself busier than most of my friends BECAUSE I’m single. If anyone needs someone to do something with (movies, shopping, eating…) who you gonna call? The friend that’s single. Just last weekend I threw my cell phone after a call and exclaimed “everyone wants a piece of me!” Cloning myself sounded like a good idea.

  11. I was wondering where you were but I completely understand. Remember, it’s okay to put yourself first. Study for that test. Everything else can go on the back burner for now.

  12. You know I’ve been here (because I wrote about it on my own blog) and let me tell you, it’ll pass. Take some comfort in that. There will come a time when you’ll have free time again and you’ll be able to write all you want (and eat. and exhale.)

    In the meantime, make sure you take care of yourself! Stress is a killer, man. Give yourself whatever little bits of pleasure you can find while you’re forced to study and do stuff you don’t really want to do. That’ll help immensely. Good luck!

  13. Man I know exactly how you feel – except I’m throwing in “launching a business.” It’s tough and there are many nights with 4 hours of sleep, but in the end we do it because it’s what we love. If you’ve been blogging this long it’s because you enjoy it, but with everything you do repeatedly there will be burnout. Take the advice of your commentators and step back and just breathe. We’ll be here when you return.

  14. We’ll be here waiting for you when you are ready to come back. Of course, if you feel the urge to take a break and come to Texas, I feel the scorpions and 96 degree weather is great for post-inspiration.

  15. Seine – Thanks for the good luck wishes!

    K – haven’t been on FB much at all (amazing what a time-suck it can be); posted a brief update today…

    Single and Blogging It – LOL, can you imagine if I had kids too?

    May – Well, thanks for being a fan; I hope you’ll still be around when I come back to blogging full-time!

    Homer-Dog – Yeah, balancing on my messed-up feet is quite a trick!

    Ruth – Maybe someday that winning lottery ticket will finally come through.

    BlakSpring – I never could read on the treadmill… 😉

    Julianna – If only I had the time! LOL

    AbsurdBeats – Seriously, I try. I just wish I were better at remembering stuff.

    Narami – Heh, try owning a truck too. Then EVERYBODY wants to be your friend!

    Dingo – Really? I can put myself first? Sure doesn’t feel like it some days…

    Mel Heth – Unfortunately, when I give myself “little bits” of pleasure, I tend to gain weight…

    Adayak – Wow, starting a business? I don’t think I’d ever sleep!

    TheCoconutDiaries – LOL, well, I can always get 100 degree heat just visiting The Parentage, and no scorpions to boot!

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